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There are at least 3 different kinds of Ancap/Us Libertarian (they're the same fucking thing; there is no real difference, let's be honest):

You've got your militia-loving types; these are the ones that have the guns and are the either the "come and take it" types or fond of conspiracy theories; don't try talking to them, you're already a communist (regardless of how true or false that is). They don't vote and consider politicians frauds (broken clocks and all that). They've probably called themselves a sovereign citizen at one point. Most likely to be found "running drills" with their gun-toting buddies and probably owns a bunker.

You've got the high class types: the logic pedants that read books (or at least claim to), that one person that thinks Max Stirner/Egoism is pro-capitalist, Ayn Rand fans, the business owner (of any size really), the one you're most likely to encounter on the internet, and the one most likely to say that slavery wasn't that bad because they were "paid" in food and shelter. Wastes of time, space, and flesh; really. If these ones ran a society, nihilists could fuck it up fairly easily.

Then you've got the "normies": they didn't read any books and they aren't too into conspiracy; if you introduce them to libertarian socialist concepts without saying the words that frighten them; you'll find that they're quite amenable to a few ideas. They're the most malleable: maybe they'll become a mutualist later on; maybe they'll actually warm up to socialism once they've read more on it; of course, they could also become one of the above types, progressive liberals, conservative liberals, or fascists. Really depends on who and what they're exposed to. And yes, their choice in definitions has everything to do with shallow first impressions and what they've heard others say, they don't actually read any political or economic theory.


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I had classes in C and C++, but the latter wasn't all that great because my teacher's video lectures were boring, I had to memorize a line that confused me in order to barely pass my final.

So I kind of want to reteach myself C++ first since I have some experience with it.


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Y'all: Conservative cartoons can't tell the difference between BLM and the KKK

Me, having interpreted this picture much better: Conservative cartoons outright admitting that they, cops, and the KKK are the same thing and chase away black activists trying to engage in a dialogue with racism.


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"I have decapitated Leclerc's head seven times and toppled the statue at least 20 times," Mr Essama told the BBC.

"I use my bare hands... but I make an incantation to the ancestors first," he said.

There's just something inexplicably badass about those statements.


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If the whole point is to get people to stop eating meat then pretty much it shouldn't taste like meat.

Is that why vegan substitutes taste almost nothing like the thing they're substituting?

The whole point of a substitute is to fully replace the thing you aren't consuming anymore; the more tastes like it, the easier it is to replace it.

Biting into a dry bean burger doesn't have the same appeal to people who are used the "juiciness" of genuine beef; which is part of the reason why vegan food is often mocked.

Granted, I personally believe that introducing vegan recipes that aren't based off of carnist items into your diet while gradually phasing out animal-based products is the easiest way to actually change your diet.


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reddit's constantly shifting (and let's face it, explicitly racist) terms of service keep changing, it is apparent that we have to figure out another plan here.

Libertarians are, like, the personification of "right, but for the wrong reasons".

This community started on the basis that racist social justice warriors of all stripes are not a part of liberty.

I'm really beginning to think that no one knows what racism is.

We are all moral equals, regardless of complexion, but Reddit's new policies are opposed to this worldview.

what the fuck is a "moral equal"?

They appear to wish to actively discriminate based on the color of peoples skin, therefore, we should respect their property and plan to leave. It's their right to be racists. It's our right not to associate with them.

I get wanting to prepare for a community ban, but how do these people make something practical sound so gutless?

These people have no fire, no real sense of defiance, not even the capacity for spite; just a barren anti-government stance with no real substance to it.

I feel like I could bully the fuck out of these people and I'm not even that intimidating.


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I haven't discussed my recent views at all; when I was an ancom, I'd discuss racial matters using anarcho-communist talking points to my paternal family members (who are more receptive to lefty ideas in general) to some degree of success; not so much with one of my mom's brothers. After being corrupted by lifestylists on raddle moving away from social anarchism, I refuse to discuss it with anyone that I actually know. The closest thing to a discussion I had recently happened when my little brother found out that I was an anarchist and jokingly said I was like a nazi for no real reason other than to annoy the shit out of me.

And yet, despite my refusal to talk about my political views outside of this corner of the internet, I'm still running into people that insist on making theirs known.

Comment sections are hell and I need to learn how to suppress my curiosity.


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I just call them cops, tbh

A common nickname for a police officer is "cop"; derived from the verb sense "to arrest", itself derived from "to grab". Thus, "someone who captures", a "copper", was shortened to just "cop". -Wikipedia

It's already monosyllabic, the pronunciation makes it so that you can sort of "spit" it out when you say it in a venomous way. Just say "cop" out loud as if you were referring to some dog shit on your shoe or something.

Wikipedia's got a list, but a lot of 'em are really "ehh" and they aren't all derogatory.


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Can anyone share some resources for learning how to code? I ain't going back to college to be miserable and work towards passing classes instead of actually learning how to code.


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I live in a garage in Florida.

Not even working, It's where I sleep and spend my spare time; I've got fans to make it bearable; which worked better in the spring. Now that it's summer, it's fucking terrible. I hate going out to walk the dog for 15 minutes, so to a spend a majority of almost every day of the week exposed to Florida sun is unthinkable. You know when it isn't fucking pouring for, like, 5 minutes.

You gotta be at least 36 different flavors of fucked up to see this as something to be emulated.


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Do you cry when other people cry? Do giggle when other people giggle?

Not really. It depends on how I feel about the person and whether or not I'm also affected by an event that invokes an emotional response.

If we both found the same joke funny, we'd laugh. If we both lost the same thing we'd cry. If I've experienced a similar event to a friend or loved one's suffering or joy, I'd try to use that as a sort "guide" for how I should react. Of course, that doesn't always work and if I don't have such an experience I freeze, because I know I'm not genuinely sharing this feeling and if I try to give some half-assed platitude, it'd come off as forced. I try my hardest to appeal to people that I actually like. I dislike the suffering of strangers and acquaintances because I can't really "connect" with it and I'm terrible at comforting people that I actually know and care about; so their suffering causes me actual discomfort. I don't really "feel" anything about their happiness; "Good for them, I guess".

I enjoy it when people I hate suffer (I hate how that sounds; but there's no sugarcoating schadenfreude), but I otherwise avoid people that I actively dislike and don't feel much of a need to cause them misfortune, which I think is sad and a waste of both time and effort.


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I've been thinking a bit on how weird my understanding of...things is and how detached I feel on certain aspects of "being a person". I don't think I really "get" my my own sexuality, ability to empathize, or what my idea of what a "god" is.

I've identified as asexual because that felt like it was accurate, but now I don't know if I'm just heterosexual, but completely asocial or legitimately unable to feel sexual and romantic attraction. Like, what do either of those mean? How do I "know" if I feel attracted to someone or if I just feel fascinated by them?

What exactly is empathy? How do you "share" emotions with someone? I can understand why people feel things and I have a "conscience", but the idea of "feeling someone else's feelings" is completely alien.

As for the whole "god" thing; I dunno, I feel like too much of my perception on the matter has been reliant on the dominance of monotheistic religions and the reactions to those monotheistic religions and I basically realized that I have no actual definition to what a "god" is. So I'm ignostic now.