Solisition wrote

What's the deal with http websites? Just add a 's' to make it secure?

Generally the extension 'HTTPS everywhere' should handle that.

You can't use BitTorrent and Tor together, so do you people just not torrent stuff anymore? What's the alternative? Using another anonymous proxy that's not Tor? Is Megalinks different from torrenting?

You can use I2P for torrenting, guide found /w/AnonymousTorrenting

How do I download PDFs and other docs for school if I'm using Tor? Use a PDF viewer built into Tor? Or Tails?

Download it, go offline, then open it.

What VPN do you all use?



Solisition wrote (edited )

how do i make you stop posting this utter shit

you literally just googled 'political compass' 'sega logo', etc and pasted it all on, which is lower effort than your memes where you get a stock image and type words on it

they're only memes in the definition of memetic infohazard because theyre incredibly hazardous to human life