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mfw Manchuria


Hmmm, maybe we could use some materialistic historical analysis here rather than trusting the words of fascists...

oh also a ziq essay on libertarians if the tankies actually gave a shit about what ziq thought



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ooopps. sorry

What I meant to say was

“Take pity on this person without a single raddle coin or be haunted by Christmas spirits forevermoreeee (its december)”


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Is this a bot? All information here is 10 years old or more. And your other comment have no mention of financial speculation, despite what you claim. And voting demographics in the UK has little to do with anarchism.

Also both the labour party and the tories are very pro-landlord. I also think blaming older women for UK financial crises is kinda misogynistic.


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Ive worked out the most efficient location for a potential raddlecon. Raddle has users all over the world - from the Americas to Asia to Europe to Africa (and maybe Oceania idk). Hence the midpoint of these locations is best, for fairness and reducing everyones travel time.

Clearly therefore the centre of the earth is optimal.


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How do you pick who to write to? Theres simultaneously a lot of prisoners and I probably dont know most of their names. Prisoners who I do know the names of probably have an article written about them and I feel are more likely to already have lots of people writing to them idk.


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tldr Ishkah and The Ted K Archive got banned for attempting to “deprogram” individualist/anticiv anarchists, “claiming brand real estate of ideologies they dont like” i.e. individualist anarchist stuffs and generally being dishonest about it all. Ishkah made lots of alts to debate people about what happened here on raddle and also they talk/complained about it on various other websites.

These are the Ishkah accounts, which you could use to read through conversations. Theres almost certainly more.







Thread on anarchist news involving Ishkah


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Sure. But why 2018 in particular?

Edit: ohh because it was 5 years before?