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To me a private school is a school, often with a different way of teaching than ''official'' schools. Private schools, unlike official ones do not come from the state but from random people. Most often private schools are pretty expensive as well. Also, private schools do follow the state's program and students might pass their exam with the 'homeschooled' system.


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A lot of so called clean energy sources aren't so clean or are dependent on large systems to function. For something to be truly ecological I believe it must be mechanical, anything running on electricitiy can at most be a lesser bad.

You might be interested to look at

It talks about so called low-techs (which could be more compared to tools than technologies according to definitions here). A low tech is a tool produced locally, with local ressources and has a positive social impact. In a nutshell, placing power to make tools and stuff in the hands of people who use it instead of putting them in the hands of companies, industries and complex systems.


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On that side I really appreciate that most of my course's content of my school are under a creative commons license. I totally agree with you, and i'm sure many academics agree with you too, researchers are the first to illegally download papers from sci-hub and stuff for the same reasons.