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From what I understand they want unions and stuff like that and say that post-left stuff are too individualist and too small for creating any meaningful change or smth like that.

They also think it's hypocritical to want to be homeless when most homeless people are trying to get out of their situation.


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Stealing in a store and stealing in a house is nothing alike. If you go to large super markets and steal food, I don't think this is morally bad. I think buying that food and supporting a shitty corporation is less ethical than stealing stuff in it.


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Edit: Also I am slightly convinced that Santa Claus is also a ploy to raise kids to be chill about living in a police state.

Can you elaborate this? For the rest of your post, I agree.


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The point of that is to require less money than traditional lifestyles, that way I think it could make stuff easier. Of course I'll still have to work but I think the pressure and stress will be lesser.


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Yes :) I think this is pretty much some kind of direction I like, but it feels so hard. Hopefully I'll get more energy. Thanks for your comment, something that is pretty hard for me is that many people around me are either saying it's selfish or that it's impossible.


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Just tried to ask a question on r/Anarcho_capitalism because I really didn't understand those people. According to them I am statist and they don't see any problem to "not providing value to people who don't produce value" (i.e homeless people).


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Just that I found that some actions happen to be liked by both anarcho-capitalists and anarchists. Like open-source stuff and agorism for instance.