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Wow. It been a while since I last was active on here. Thanks a lot I'll test and try to implement those changes. Or at least I will try to not forget I don't feel that good at the moment and I'll be gone for a month. Thank you so much for doing this though ❤️


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I would especially be interested in zines&distros about this:

Between protests, a number of radical feminist groups throughout the US and Canada have formed Women’s Health Collectives, to address the needs of women. Some of these collectives teach female anatomy in empowering, positive ways, showing women how to give themselves gynecological exams, how to experience menstruation comfortably, and how to practice safe methods of birth control. The patriarchal Western medical establishment is generally ignorant of women’s health to the point of being degrading and harmful. An anti-establishment, do-it-yourself approach allows marginalized people to subvert a neglectful system by organizing to meet their own needs.


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I think you're lost ahah. This site only has an option to use Tor, but it's also available on any normal web browser (on

The dark web doesn't provide you anything except having access to Tor-only websites (and therefore anonymize your internet traffic to those sites)