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Use the intitle: to search for webpage's title. intext: also works well. You can narrow down site: to specific parameter. You can also quote queries for specific response like this: intitle:"[movie]"

Using Boolean operators OR or AND: intitle:"[movie]" OR intext:"1080"

DDG works effectively with these dorks.


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3 years and the Malay government refused to accept our plea for asylum. When the Pol Pot sent people to death camps the family was separated, each ran on their own path. My father fled to Hong Kong after escaping the death camp, and that was how he later brought us to the city. My mother moved back to Phnom Penh after the war, trying to find a purpose in life, brought my sister and I with her. But only a few years we moved back to Hong Kong again.

My life experience is neither unique nor worst. Every Cambodian have and had this story.


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When I was 7 I was beaten by 7 older kids in the Malay refugee camp for fighting over dinner food. It was terrible to be a refugee on a strange land when you and your family had just survived a genocide. If it wasn't for a Malay old man that broke up the fight I would be dead. He brought me to the hospital, paid for my expense and let my family know. Later turned out he was a retired Silat master. That was also how I began to learn martial art.


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It certainly feels strange and scary sometime to be on several watchlists of governments. Between getting snuffed by this or the next government any given time I'm pretty stoked. Still, I live a pretty care free despise seldom paranoia.


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Black Mirror - the show has many similarities with Guy Debord and his book Society of the Spectacle's ideology. [capitalism]

Sense8 - the only show in hollywood with intersectionality [lgbt]

Children Of Men - anti-fascism and late stage capitalism

Salt Of The Earth - low-budget indie movie about labour organizing and class struggle