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" But why should we hear about body bags and deaths, and how many, what day it's gonna happen, and how many this or that or what do you suppose? Or, I mean, it's not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that, and watch him (her husband, former president George H. W. Bush) suffer?"

  • Addressing the question of how much television news she'd recently been watching, in light of the enormous media attention given to likely outcomes in a U.S. war with Iraq. The interview took place two days prior to the start of the Iraq War, Good Morning America, March 18, 2003.

" What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they [the Hurricane Katrina refugees in the Houston Astrodome] all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them. "

  • Expressing her most tender sympathies for the Katrina victims jammed into the Astrodome. Apparently she felt they were not quite the right color or economic class to deserve actual sympathy.

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Human belief systems that allow us to derive vicarious, illusory or even actual profit from our participation, at the expense of ourselves, others or the planet.

Examples - Professional Religion. Professional Sports. Theatrical sports like fake wrestling, arena psychics, professional politicians, self-help 'gurus' and multi-level marketing schemes. Capitalism fits in neatly as well.

In other words, anything that we really wouldn't give a moments thought if we really had our shit together. I feel justified tossing all this stuff in one basket simply because the hucksters who perpetrate these frauds often jump at will from one field of scamology to another. Porn stars and predator capitalists become politicians, pro athletes start MLMs or become politicians, and once in a while almost anyone might hit their head on the coffee table and decide they have seen god and that you should pay till it hurts just to hear all about it.

When someday an alien shipload of archaeologists arrive on what's left of our planet and take the trouble to dig into our culture, they might wind up discussing a lot of things they discover about us but I guarantee they will spend a lot of time marveling at how much time -we- spent fooling, cheating, impressing, bullshitting, preying on or otherwise spinning each other round while emptying the victims pockets. Do you suppose every race does this? I sometimes wonder if we might be at least a little unusual in this. Time will tell, but it probably won't tell us.


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It's a toss up between motorcycles, and guitars both electric and acoustic with all their associated gear, accessories and heartache.


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What do I do?

Umm, you're an Amish prostitute?

You're a racoon?

What do I win if I guess right?

Seriously, what the hell do you want to do? Golden Eagle bike engines are nice:

Or you could fix the No Car No License problem. Or you could convince a living to come to you... see reference to Amish Prostitute. Personally I'd consider the bike idea, with or without engine.


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Not with that attitude.

But that's the attitude out there. Tapping your footie won't change that. And a dead-head run to the moon is pointless; there's nothing there, remember? Hawking is right; we have an unknown finite time during which we can save our species by leaving the nest for an interstellar destination, and if we don't pull it off we'll either fade away or push the button and burn. Sad! As a certain orange tinted anus in a shirt would say.


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Why can't we just save ourselves for its own sake?

Because we are too busy being what we are. A great question was formed in the collective mind of the 50's, posed in the 60's, argued for the last 40 years and the answer seems to be getting louder in the 21st century; No. We will not get our shit together in time to save ourselves. And forget this "Tough Humans" crap... let's see us be tough enough to cope with no pollinators, dying oceans, runaway greenhouse, coastal flooding, and a 1% that will probably wind up on Antarctica in a walled city-state drinking smoking and snorting whats left of the Good Stuff while the rest of us die choking. The mythical Average American would drive their SUV down a street paved with live babies if it would get them one last tank of gas, one last month of cable, one last Dominos gorge, one last week of rent and a bag of anything that takes the pain away, one last dose of Fukitol.


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We're not worth it; low nutritional content, poor taste, this whole thread is silly anyway. If the aliens show up they'll meet us, figure out that we're a pack of poo-flinging chimps that take stuff apart, steal shiny stuff, fuck and fight like rats, have a nasty septic bite and make the crappiest slaves ever, and they'll take the puppies and the kittens and parrots and maybe a few cetaceans and a few UFO-loads of Slow Loris, maybe a few copies of Zap Comix, Shakespeare, Bottle Rockets and Muddy Waters and they'll be the fuck out of here. We're not worth saving and in our heart of hearts we all fucking know it.


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Keep the job and learn to organize and optimize your time. If you think what you're doing now sucks all your time, wait till you're spending hours a day just trying to survive. You're blazing hot, you're cold, you're hungry, you're wet, your clothes and body are filthy, you're hungry, Junkies are all over your shit like skeeters, idling semis and gangbangers keep you up all night, cops are hounding you, hookers on the kibbee are waking you up wanting to turn a trick, you haven't had a good nights sleep in months, you're hanging out in Drunken Donuts just for an electrical outlet and wifi but there's crazy loud people in and out all night...

I was in the same boat as you in some ways, then got laid off, had two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass, now I'm about to hit 60 and no one will hire me on a bet despite my past good works. Just keep your job, buckle down for a few years, self-study like a motherfucker, maybe join some open source projects so you can learn to make a difference on a team, then a year or three from now make a serious turn towards finding a better job. Ok? Ready, Steady, Go! And when you have started to make a few good bucks, remember me and and write back that you need a yardman/cook/editor/life coach/guitar teacher, and I'll show up, teach you to drink bourbon and beer, and seduce your grandma.


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Women that can't learn to put the toilet seat up when they are done.


Jehovahs Witnesses. One told me a few years back in complete sincerity that Barack Obama was shining laser beams into every ones windows that penetrate your brain and control your thoughts. She drives a large late model pickup truck. Think about that the next time you're out driving around.

Fake Harleys from the pacific rim.


Organized Religion.

People who dislike Charles Bukowski

Completely off topic, but I'm gonna pop if I don't say it to somebody. I read about a guy who was so crazy and annoying that the Jehovahs Witnesses kicked him out. I wanna meet this guy.


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How long do you think humanity can be preserved?

From what I've heard they aren't worth the trouble but I'd think it would depend on your method... I don't think canning would be much good more than two or three years out... can't we just raise rabbits instead?


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Damn kids, get off my corner.

Don't worry about quitting your job, it'll get around to quitting you in good time.

Keep feeling stupid. Especially when you're driving to the bank with that paycheck.

You don't "make friends" out here on the streets (where I have been surviving for 5 years). You just meet fellow travelers who are just as desperate and miserable as you. Some few of them may become friends. Some others may steal anything of yours they can grab, and some few of those may be willing to cut you deep and wide to do it. Do you really feel up to guessing which are which, on the fly? From what I'm reading here most of you wouldn't last a month. A lot of us have some kind of shitty little job, temp work or junk gathering or grunt labor, or just sucking cocks. The luckiest of us (I'm one) have a vehicle to sleep in, and it's not as fun as you think when everything that comprises what is left of your life depends on the health of a motor vehicle.

I'm starting my 4th straight winter in the northeast US living in a car alone in a city packed full of people just as desperate as I am.. If you have a roof over your head and think our lives are something you want to make a "choice" to emulate, you're an idiot.

Enjoy that roof and warm bed and hot shower while you can hold on to it; many of you reading this will someday find yourself on a camping trip that never ends. We'd give anything to have what you're talking so lightly about throwing away.