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I believe it comes from various interviews with sex offenders and anecdotes about men of authority where the common denominator is the vulnerability that young people have and the power those men have that enables their predation. However, non-offending people often show that having attractions to children is something that just happens as most non-offending do understand why they shouldn't have such attractions but can't seem to get rid of it.


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You don't have to police your emotions but it's not healthy to be this upset over an internet argument especially when you consistently get into internet arguments and a lot of them end up with you getting mad at whoever you're arguing with. I say just let it all go, man, and do something that's worth the emotions you're feeling.


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Love all the criticisms y'all but this was meant for an entire community. Your arguments against this only work if you assume this was meant to function as solely an anarchist structure. Keep in mind, it's still a bad idea given that groups that have functioned like this in the past tend to dissolve or splinter due to internal strifes brought about by the "trickle-down" nature of the structure and the slow accumulation of power the elected tend to gain but arguing that its bad because it isn't anarchist isn't gonna work because it isn't meant to be anarchist.


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Reply to eminem by plasticspoon

No one ever said the man was always a GOAT lol

But I gotta wonder if people honestly think GOAT is an exclusionary title...