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Some VPN providers (specially who are registered on non-offshore countries, or registered under government) might keep/see your logs and activities, but not of them. Also, some providers are a personal websites, not a company


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Never waste a good crisis.


We gave them the ability to track us by cell phones by purchasing them and carrying them around all the time. We purchased the always listening microphones and connected them to the internet. We agreed to the fine print that means our ISPs can monitor our traffic. We check into our social media consistently to provide updated photos for facial recognition. Anyone who didn't realize this was happening is an idiot.

We gave them this power willingly and they can't prevent us taking it away. It's simple. Disconnect your phone and internet.


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The company has been under pressure from a Virginia-based non-profit, Enough is Enough, to filter pornography in its stores.

So it sounds like Starbucks is doing this because of 'Enough is enough' and not because people watching lots of porn in Starbucks.

I would be amazed of someone that goes to Starbucks just to watch porn.


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I don't think most people would give up a smart phone due to its usefulness as a communication device.

Also for other reasons, like, for example, using it as a 2-step authentication device.