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These examples really aren't things to strive for, but things to point at when attacking capitalism: if even an authoritarian ultra-state can provide better than capitalism can, it's pretty clear that capitalism is garbage. However, we should make it clear that we don't support this sort of authoritarianism (unless you're a Tankie, in which case ok lol), because people already perceive us as wanting to enslave humanity because of these examples, and we should work to break down that perception by word and deed as much as possible.


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So is this guy a small landowner or was he a landlord? The article mentions that he had 'workers' - presumably tenant farmers given that they didn't just leave to finding other work when the gang took the land - but it doesn't really make clear the details. Returning land to actual farmers from whom it was taken is good, but if this guy's just going to turn around and start extracting rents from people, the government should redistribute the land rather than giving it back.


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Well first, there's the cop-out answer that there wouldn't be hate speech, or at least nowhere near as much, but the real answer is that it would have to be handled based on ties between individuals, like most things that are cultural in nature. If you faced ostracism for being a racist asshat, you wouldn't do it anymore, would you?