Sandboxgamer16 wrote

Hey. I recently stole a can of jack Daniels. Definitely worth it. And if you can find a store that sells alcohol without towers. That makes it even better. But stealing alcohol is like stealing any item from a ship. Pick up, conceal it in blind spot and go. And you should be find considering I did this and I'm 14


Sandboxgamer16 OP wrote

Haha. Doesn't matter. Instead of the usb I grabbed myself an indoor Ariel for the new tv in my bedroom. Went to my blind spot and concealed. Went to the toilets area and checked for any tags. There were none. Then I walked out. Only worth about £10 but tomorrow I'm heading in with a large kfc cup and stealing 2 earphones worth £6 each. Along with a shopping bag with my new method of taking that usb.

So my plan is to walk in with scissors in the shopping bag (Since I noticed in the picture that it will only set off the alarm if you rip the packaging). I'm gonna go to the bathroom area. Get the scissors and cut the piece out in the middle so it avoids tripping alarms. Then I'm gonna ditch the packaging and walk off with just the usb. Then sell it on my Instagram business account