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This is a critique of chapter 3 of David Graeber and David Wengrow’s book The Dawn of Everything.
In this chapter, the authors claim that the seasonal social structures of the traditional Nambikwara, Lakota and Kwakiutl were the result of conscious choice, grand theatre, play and expedience.
In doing so, they repeatedly invent various things that they attribute to famous anthropologists like Claude-Levi Strauss and Marcel Mauss which those authors never said.
They also claim that those authors attribute social phenomena to conscious choice when in reality they attribute them to material conditions.
We also discover that Claude Levi-Strauss goofed up Nambikwara social organization.
And we look at materialist explanations for phenomena such as: Why did the traditional Inuit have patriarchy and private property in summer but gender equality and communal property in winter?
Why did the Lakota have an Akicita police force that would punish crimes and enforce rules in the buffalo season but not the rest of the year?
The similarities between Nuer prophets and ancient Israelite prophets in the Old Testament.
Finally, we apply the authors’ logic about conscious choice and seasonal social structures to McDonalds employees and have a good a laugh.


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I struggle to read your posts, but just some thoughts which will hopefully add:

There are many ways to do environmental sabotage. Those againse Shell during the anti-apartheid struggle in the Fire at Midnight zine stickied in f/Attack is one interesting example. The SHAC model has shown a lot of interesting potential.

Decentralised attack means knowing the ones you are in affinity with around the world are there and ready, growing and preparing for whatever can be done together, even if we never meet.


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Reply to comment by zoom_zip in Friday Free Talk ! by Kinshavo

It is a misread to claim desert leaves you with unhappiness or futility where Blessed is the Flame does not, except obviously in that we are not currently in a death camp where we are currently in a global collapse.

Desert does have a positive project (relatively liberated bioregional territories as the world collapses), they just don't believe in a global future or hope with a capital H. It's the same politics, they are the same nihilism.


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I think it reflects a lack of imagination which is very similar to the inherent closing of the mind involved in whiteness. The inability to imagine beyond a very narrow range of lifeways because yours is so established and monolithic. In that way it might be comparable to whiteness. It's also how thinking whitely is like thinking like a state, and how anarchism is about coming to see that another world is possible. Whiteness and the state have affinity, and blackness and anarchism have affinity

So basically there is a kind of correlation I could see

But beyond that, until you can open your perspective to perceive radical alternatives, we are all potential victims of that narrow-mindedness. As receivers or as givers of that ideology, regardless of positionality