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While racists, eugenicists, and eco-fascists certainly manipulatively use the reality of overpopulation to further their agendas, ecological carrying capacity is very real, and we're beyond it (artificially and temporarily). This trend in the left of attempting to brush off any and all discourse regarding overpopulation or ecological carrying capacity as racist Malthusianism is misguided and extremely dangerous.
The point is that overpopulation is a symptom, not a root cause, and focusing on birth rates inappropriately targets and burdens those who already have the lowest carbon footprints (the so-called "developing world"), and is thus classist and racist. consumption rates and associated ecological footprint are the proper places to focus our efforts, not population and birth rates. With this in mind, the impetus to change lies squarely with the "developed" world, and our over-consumptive, exploitation-based standard of living.
It’s like these "we have more than enough resources for everyone, just a distribution problem" arguments have completely forgotten the fact that in producing (extracting) those resources, we've irreparably damaged the planetary ecosystem and created runaway climate change. Not to mention the devastation of human life it required.


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  • Golden Gulag, by Ruth Gilmore - so far it's ticking some worthwhile boxes despite the marxist author
  • In The Dust Of This Planet, by Eugene Thacker - just getting started after seeing it read together with Desert in de Acosta's piece on them.
  • and Dhalgren by Samuel Delany, which is taking too much work for too little payoff so far

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The ones nearest me don't advertise their location or appearance, probably live in fortresses in gated communities in expensive parts of town surrounded by bootlicking supplicants and rented cops

it would have to be a casual eating in passing of a somehow familiar face. Raw food but worth it