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I agree with you in your reasoning about how different "smarts" is deterministic and how your starting conditions and experience to something doesn't make person A or B stupid. It doesn't make sense.

Person A might have understood the concept of numbers earlier than Person B, maybe through reading books with a dedicated parent as a child, or through toys or games. Therefore Person A have had more time being noticed in understanding numbers. Therefore Person A probably were encouraged and helped in solving basic math problems, much earlier than Person B. Person A thinks numbers and math is fun now, because of all the encouragement and challenge.

Person A might have gotten months worth of practice and understanding before person B even started encountering numbers in kindergarten.

Later on, when compared in school, Person B is compared with Person A. Now person B is called stupid by inconsiderate and feel stupid.

Could Person B have gone further in getting honed skills in numbers and math? Sure, with the right environment and guiding mentors.

Now, I know there is a genetics component at play as well. But IDK how much it matters. If somebody knows, please enlighten me.


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Reply to I am lost by SnowCode

Are you single? (Asking because then I can understand if following life choises are viable for you

Find some place where you can learn skills. Learn skills that will make you handy. Learn to live handy and maybe you can offer your services for other peoples services. Maybe you can even learn to live by yourself when shit hits the fan? Build yourself and know that you can achieve anything.

Trying to be normative when you have realized you are not will never make you happy.


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What is your experience with psychadelic shrooms before bed? Does it help you feel more rested when you wake up? Does it change your dreams?

I find the effect affects me like a high caffeine dose, making it hard for me to sleep.


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I'm leaning on clay coated straw bale/hemp walls. Both materials work great for thermal insulation and would be locally sourced. From there I will paint/water proof the walls with lime plaster in beautiful colour. I am on the lookout for used windows, frames and doors. Anything that can be reused.

I'll be making a 3-bedroomer with maybe an additional studio/workshop.