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The guy gave the impression of being a well-off tech bro but I wouldn't have imagined he would be right wing.

Naturism as an ideology centers so much on "purity" of the body and in freedom understood in bourgeois terms (as a purely abstract indivualism, divorced from the material conditions of the majority of people, not everyone can live within walking distance from a nudist beach!), not to mention naturist blogs feature predominantly white, heterosexually coded, and able-bodied models (not saying that was your case, ofc). Much like with the yoga/mindfulness community all of it it's a recipe for adopting a reactionary worldview, and it's something that would have to be dealt with by the nudist community.


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I find it difficult since I'm both attracted to and envious of women and feel pathetic for being AMAB

Again that's a lot of stuff I already struggled with, eventually I came to realize I'm queer and not necessarily cis (not a woman either, sadly... tough I did question for several years). Again it feels like you have a lot in your shoulders and the porn addiction is a very convenient band-aid used to cover all of the pain. But for your own sake you will have to face all that is hurting you eventually, the more you wait the more it'll hurt.

Hope what I'm telling you is of any help, it would be very sad to see another person go through all I went through and make the same mistakes I did.


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I struggled with porn addiction through my 20's and frankly I still do. What works for me is limiting internet access (no internet about an hour before going to bed... things like that), but that you would be considering alcoholism as a copping mechanism tells me you have bigger issues, I wouldn't know what to say to that, getting a hobby, going to therapy, try whatever works for you but don't just change one addiction for another, that doesn't work and will only hurt you even more long term

When it comes to internalized misogyny... that's something I too struggled with, what worked for me was getting more female friends, even if just online. Try connecting with people and women on shared interests and stuff first, not on sexual attraction, though I guess is likely to be that you'll be attracted to them, that doesn't have to be a bad thing as long as you understand there are boundaries in friendship and you don't have to act on it.


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Camus had come to believe that the style of thinking he found in Paris – “a metropolis of wickedness, of denigration and systemic lying” – was abstracted from real life, cut off from embodied experiences of suffering and joy.

Sounds like Twitter or Facebook or any place online where privileged armchair intellectuals gather.