RockBiter wrote

TOR and PGP are both compromised to state actors. Your PC is vulnerable at the chip architecture level. Air-gapped devices have been compromised using inaudible sound. If any top-tier government is targeting you, then your dumb-phone and tinfoil hat will not protect you.

I'm not advocating that these precautions are useless. Most average hacks are not targetted anyhow. BUT, if THEY are looking for you, then THEY will find you.

Just ask Snowden.


RockBiter wrote

I think maybe you're giving people too much credit. "Contributing to society" is just a soundbite that most people parrot without considering what they REALLY mean when they say it. I don't really think they are making excuses for greed, they just don't understand how what you are doing is good when it is unfamiliar to them. Or, how what they are doing is wrong, when they're just doing what everyone else is doing.

Anyhow, keep fighting the good fight.


RockBiter wrote

I’ve read Jared Diamond and seen him lecture. For the most part, I think he’s the real deal. However, aside from mentioning unsustainable practices and a general reluctance by the public to admit there is an environmental crisis, He provides no hard evidence for his percentage or timeline. No doubt that continued global consumption habits are unsustainable, but why “49% chance by 2050”? It’s sensationalism for book sales, nothing more.