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Hehehe. Then I got the answer for you.

There is magnets in Home Depot called neodymium magnets. Very very strong. Get a few packs. I got 4 packs(3 magnets inside) in total 12 all together.

Then you remove like this

It took me like a 30 second- a minute to remove them. Or you can get wire cutters and cut them. Might cut a bit of clothes while you’re at it. But hey. Free stuff what am I complaining


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Where did you steal?

That is also very important. For Walmart. Unless it’s electronics.

For clothing. I don’t think the tags will cause alarm to go off. Just stuff and go. Stuff & Go. This is what I do sometimes. Get some stuff throw them in cart. Then throw 2 boxes of water on top of it xD covering it then self checkout I go.


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Also because of this post. Today I lifted about 5 packs of Pokémon cards xD

Got a GX in one of them(Yay)

Now what do I do with them? Lol

Also got some cds for my car :3

All from Walmart of course. Went to pillow sections/opened and stuff them all in my pockets :3 hehe


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Just grab as many as you like. From the front section or there might be some in the toy section.

Grab them and go to the toliet paper section. Take out a few toliet rolls and invite yourself inside your hideout.

Inbox and do the deed there

I’m talking about Walmart by the way.

How much can they go for?


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There is multiple strength

Some goes from 10,000gs to 25,000gs. But all look the same outside. You can try to take it apart and see.

For me. I just got a handsize wire cutter and just cut it. Well I just cut a bit of my clothes. Like a tiny bit but it’s alright lol. #free stuff why am I complaining