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RobbinHood92 wrote

Lol. I’ll also bring in pants or jeans with me. Also a lot of clothes. Like 15(I’ll take like 3-4)

And for paper tags. I stuff them in pants

For metal tags. I clip them on something else. Because hey. Where else to put them?

For the clothes hangers. I’ll double hand the clothes and when I’m done. I’ll be a good samaritan and help put them back where I found them.

Is your Zara in a shopping mall or plaza?


RobbinHood92 OP wrote

Hmmm. I shop from there before (paid cash)

Keep the shopping bag and use that to store your items when you “shop”

And grab a bunch of clothes. Like 15++ go to fitting room, remove security tag and pocket in there. Take like 3-4 max.

If anyone stops me. I’ll say something like. “oh I’m returning them but I don’t have the receipt”

Easy :3

Don’t get too greedy and be casual. be Cool 😎


RobbinHood92 wrote

Nahhh. Not really. That’s going to take time and the police have to get footage and compare faces. Etc

Too much work.

But next time. If you’re gonna do something risky like that. Pay with cash.

Have cash ready :3


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No no no. Haha I was not charged or caught(to my knowledge)

I go in the mall with let’s say express bag. Hit up Macy. Take a bunch of clothes to fitting room and pocket like 2 shirt into my express bad and put everything else back.


RobbinHood92 wrote

I been working a lot recently. But last week. I upgrade my wardrobe a bit.

Like added about $300+ worth of clothing. But then it’s like 7-8 clothes because everything is like $80 MSRP lol

But yeah. I got some nice clothes :3

Also I got some spices for my food I’m about to cook. Man those stuff are expensive. $5 for a glass shot >.>

But it’s free. What am I complaining about lol


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Yeah. That is crappy. If they’re going to strip. Might as well take and replace.

Like the best I can think you can take from PC. Is DDR4 which is like 80 for 8GB.

For me. I’ll strip them and replace them with like DDR2 or 3.

But honestly. I can see anything valuable in Walmart PC


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RobbinHood92 wrote

1TB was $55? 4TB was $120+ lol

Yeah. They did open it to see if there was a hard drive inside.

But on the corner in the back. Is where it tells the TB amount. But they didn’t look into that


RobbinHood92 wrote

Lol. I did this once.

Brought a 1TB hard drive. Then 2 weeks later brought a 4 TB har drive (all cash)

Then stuff the 1TB in 4TB box and return the 4TB.

Basically I got 4TB for the price of 1TB.