Ricksanchez21 wrote

Steal your books from Barnes & Noble lol

Here’s an idea, if they don’t have them....call them in and tell them to order them for you (under a fake name or something) and then you pick them up at the front desk but you also have other shopping you’d like to do. Conceal the books in the children’s section after you’ve unwrapped and removed rfid tags, throw away garbage in the bathroom and then fake an emergency phone call and leave promptly. If you want you could even grab some extra books and talk to the person at the back desk and tell them you need to leave your books bc you have a family emergency and ask him/her to put them back for you....that way if the front desk person asks about you leaving, the person in the back says he/she put your books away.



Ricksanchez21 wrote

I have only lifted from one Walmart, in a semi urban area and I did not like it at all. I felt like they knew what I was doing the whole time. It was weird because everything on here says that “Walmart doesn’t care...etc” however, they had cameras everywhere, blind spots were very few, and employees kept running into me left and right. Walmart is not my favorite to take from, but it might be easier in a more rural location.