Richard_Cypher wrote

I don’t see the problem with tor. It’s as easy as an app on most phones these days even just to do something as similar to Escort Babylon. An John Babylon wouldn’t be a terrible idea either and honestly could flip the dynamic of it. Similar to the confirmation process the higher classes use from personal websites. John signs up. Answers required questions and goes through at least a screening process including photos video etc: describes what he’s looking for. From there it’s sifted through digitally and on the other side the working girl now can skim through the johns looking and engage the ones she’s most comfortable with and could add some desire which Johnny love’s instead of the whole “let’s get this over with. Also random thought but I feel a lot of street girls are heavily addicted. Not all of course but that breeds a whole different level of problems and desperation.

Anyhow just spitball ideas off the top.