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Ah, they are in the list bc of how influential they were in modern culture. I was curious on what they were about that made them important. Tho you seem to have pretty good taste so I might check it out even tho I'm not super into fiction(but lets be honest I find books I want to read faster than I can read them so I'l probably not get to it until I retire lol. Tho I really do appreciate the recommendation. Thx


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I would take a moment to think about what you want. Don't pretend that your friend will change. That isn't fair to you or your friend. Personally change can only come from wanting to change yourself. Being caught won't motivate personal change. Some good questions to ask yourself are "Are the cons of associating with this person worth the benefits", "If you do like being around them but can't deal with the cons" (there are compromises you can make such as interacting with them less or leaving contact open so they can talk to you when they actually change their opinion.) "If you do stop wanting to be friends with them how will that make your life worst?", and "What are ways you can lessen the negative effects of not being friends with your friend or lessening the negative effects of being friends with them."

But if I was in your scenario I would not be friends with them any more. I definitely wouldn't be dating them. I am friends with a lot of shitty people heck I consider myself a shitty person. The line of fucked up stuff u can do and still be my friend is high. I wouldn't even consider being friends with someone who would take creep shots. The lying or verbal abuse by itself would warrant me not interacting with them. But they did all three which would make the decision very easy for me.

But I'm not u so what I would do, shouldn't factor into your response.


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Most "renewable" energy sources are less renewable than oil, cause dangerous amounts of pollution and provide even greater incentive to exert control for resource extraction in the global south. While I guess some of the things are slightly helpful they are entirely theoretical and the democratic party has a pretty good track record of making any halfway decent policy god awful or just not doing it.

Its a move in the wrong direction. The problem isn't how the energy is collected its the relationship humans have with the earth as a whole. The problem with burning oil isn't that humans need to pollute in a different way. Its a question of dramatically changing relationships with the earth.

I think putting energy into advocating for lukewarm reformist policy so vague that it might be harmful is a absolute waste of time and energy. The people who only have incentive to exacerbate making the earth less habitable will never provide a solution.

Not to mention how most of these policies conveniently make it far harder to do mutual aid projects and give the state more legitimacy for cracking down on actual useful change.

but I agree with u on everything else.


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This post is a add for casinos so don't waste your time reading it. I can't believe that these chuckle fucks are putting is so much time and effort for a shitty casino link


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Tbh, bitcoin sucks for environmental effects. But there is a strong argument to be made that it is a far more preferable banking system environmentally compared to traditional banking.

This still doesn't solve the horrible environmental effects. Mining itself doesn't have any negative consequences other than the energy costs. The gpus still work but they have to change plastic fans tho this isnt' too common due to mining rigs being in cold climates to reducing cooling costs. Its not just corporations that are doing a good chunk of the polluting. Its also workers who are just trying to make some more money on the side. The obvious solution would be too steal the gpus. If it becomes rampant enough no one would mine on a large scale. Tho small time miners would still continue to pollute. Maybe even increase their scale due to competition being destroyed.

So the main question is how to provide energy to bitcoin miners in a way that doesn't pollute the air. There really isn't much else of a problem. If a method of obtaining energy in a less horrible way could be achieved the bitcoin mining would be even more of a environmental positive compared to traditional banking.

This is a large and complicated question that isn't really about bitcoin. Its about peoples electricity usage in general. Most of the pollution from energy production is to provide to individual consumers. So either preventing people from using too much electricity, providing them with cleaner alternatives, convince them to plant plants, mutual aid groups plant large amounts of plants to offset the electricity emissions, preventing electric companies from producing electricity (texas 2.0), convince consumers to use less electricity or reduce the amount of humans. Probably quite a few other options there too.

This isn't a problem with bitcoin its a problem with banking and developed and developing nations (ovi not the rural ones, but areas like Hong Kong) consumption of electricity in general. While the hashing problem of bitcoin is an issue it isn't really significant enough to stand out compared to the banking services it replaces. Bc both are god awful for the environment.

There really isn't much of a solution due to lack of people and resources. If only like 3% of those causing the problem have the ability or care to solve the problem its a almost impossible feat to force the vast majority of those causing the problem to stop if they don't want to.

I think giving people positive incentives to stop polluting is the closest thing to a solution there is. I'm not saying its going to make much of a dent bc its almost certainly wont. Until way more people gain the ability to help solve the problem its not really possible to make anything more than small dents in the problem.


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this is one of the silliest and most useless articles I've read in my life. The concepts and calculations are so devoid from reality. Bitcoin is god awful for the environment so it seems like a complete waste of time to make up reasons how its bad.

next the author will be saying that every time someone swipes a credit card 4.5 grams of platic get dumped into the fresh water supply


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I'm very upset that the natives didn't charge Judd at least 500k for their services. In fairness that backlash of those natives legally extorting Judd would be terrifying.

In honesty if someone coordinated with Judd's rescuers to send her a request for a large amount of money the results could be pretty cool. Shed prob do it to maintain her bleeding heart lib persona


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It feels wrong to try and help a rapist get off

[CW rape] I think the rapists gets off if the jury verdict is guilty or not guilty. If the prisons in your country is anything like the US, rapists raping other prisoners is almost encouraged. Prisons are often breeding grounds for teaching and honing misogyny and toxic masculinity. Prison will probably just encourage the rapists behavior or even help them be better at raping people. God forbid the rapist has their masculinity challenged so they "have" to regain it by attacking women again. The rapist knew the risk of going to prison and chose to rape anyway. I doubt the punishment will make them reconsider their choices. Prison will most likely will not inhibit rape maybe encourage the behavior and outside of prison rape will not be inhibited.

I'm assuming a lot here, but the ideas behind it apply even if a lot of my assumptions are wrong. I think the jury in this situation will have no if not little power to prevent the rapist from hurting people in the future. Its a sucky situation for sure.

The prison for the area your friend in matters a lot but most likely it won't do anything to prevent the possible rapist from hurting more people. It can be scary to think about but most criminal justice systems aren't much more than performative security to make people feel safe rather than do anything about the abuse people receive.