RevolutionaryCatalonia wrote

Today I discovered just how incredibly stupid shit the public transport from Barcelona to my hometown is. 1 hour and close to no problems if you're kind of rich and own a car to take the road. 3 hours it took me to get home after losing the first train because for some reason there wasn't another train or bus for an hour and a half and they wouldn't give me my 6€ back. Fuck politicians and the public transport businesses.


RevolutionaryCatalonia wrote (edited )

I've been for less than one year I think and I feel like my mind is in harmony, what I see and what I think of what I see always ends up in anarchism being the best solution.

And even thought I'd love to be an illegalist and burn down my parliament and kill police I follow the law just for someone to ask me what I think of it and break their schemes when I tell them what I think. Like this lady