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I made a simple point about rape and for some reason you say "Fuck off TERF."’

Let me guess, you said that ‘all trans women are rapists cuz they’re still men’ and now you are acting like you can’t figure out why anybody would consider that cissexist.

I've broken no rules here. I've done nothing to you.

Running away from your problems? Good idea. The road to improvement starts by saying that nothing is wrong with you. (Not.)

obey pomo queer theory mandates everywhere and everywhen

What does this even mean?

The only statement that I recognise is that we aren’t immune to misogyny, but she probably said that for all of the wrong reasons.

Edit: I forgot to ask, what do they hope to accomplish by making ‘TERF’ officially recognised as a slur? Why would it even be hurtful to them when they’ve done nothing but treat transgender humans like shit? Honest to Goddess, I can’t believe the entitlement of these bipeds.


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This is repulsive. Women’s sexualities aren’t accessories that somebody can use to promote their capitalist agenda.

(Of course, then the libpukes would accuse you of being ‘homophobic’ or ‘antisexual’ for speaking out against their objectifying filth.)


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It’s interesting how the downvoter in question is going after my posts but ignoring the other ones, which makes me think that this is somebody with whom I’ve squabbled in the past, like tanattyn or maybe Defasher. I also doubt that I’m any more antiwhite, antiheterosexual, or cismisandrist as the other users here, but then again maybe I’m giving myself too much credit.


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Good reply from HalfAtlanta:

Corporate America didn't "lead the way" for LGBTQIA rights - they were pushed and forced to change by grassroots activists and lawsuits. This is ahistorical nonsense. Pride was started to honor an anti-cop riot led by Black/PoC trans and queer women. Cis white gays swear they don't know why the rest of us don't trust them and then they make threads like this. And whose side, exactly, are the cops on? I wanna know? Because the answer is cis white gay men every time.


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Free speech is for cowards who have nothing worthwhile to say.

Blasphemy laws are wrong primarily because they inhibit freedom of religion, not because they take away (white) people’s right to produce infantile or tasteless depictions of certain figures.