Renzo_Connors wrote

Reply to Talk Me Down by angoraboi

Yeah its shite one getting caught, but on the up side at least you weren't charged with anything. The country I'm in if you get caught the cops are called straight away. Iv been caught a few times in the past robbing silly stuff. Like I remember one time about 15 years ago I was caught and I ran from the shop and a bunch of people who were just in the shop buying stuff and some workers ran after me and eventually caught me. They held me down till the cops came. In court I was fined 300 euro, it was all only over a sandwich lol. I didn't know it at the time but the ones that done a citizens arrest on me were braking the law themselves by pinning me to the ground that itself would be classed as assault. If I had of been smarter at the time when i was in court I could have got the charges dropped over it. But fuck it, ya live and learn.