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Wrong... Apparently you don't have access to my online profile, as reading it would have precluded your question. Hope this helps you:

"Post-Left eco-anarchist, agorist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-zionist, climate change realist, pro Palestine/Gaza/Zapatista - believer that social wedge issues like race/religion/gender are exploited by Haves to keep HaveNots divided rather than uniting to oppose their common oppressors."


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I did not join this forum to promote a narrow agenda that might require I limit myself to postings only of articles whose content or authors whose point of view I agree with entirely. My purpose here is to learn from fellow activists, to offer up what I have learned over 50 years of activism, and to share information I believe might be of interest or benefit to others.


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In my experience I have encountered as many "Far Right Libertarians" as I have "Far Left Anarchists", with many on both sides dissing the other despite their common anti-government stance. To me, as the poem I quoted earlier asserts, this is just more proof of the fallacy/falsity of the overall Left/Right political paradigm, because in this context at least there is a point at which Far Left and Far Right do indeed intersect.