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Yeah, as if you really believe that the corporations are in serious competition with each up and all this rivalry isn't the equivalent of Homer Simpson being all, "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos."

Like protects like. No matter how much they pretend their rivalries are serious and actually matter, ultimately, they will always rush to each other's side as soon as there's any threat. Because the trouble is Corporations also believe in solidarity just like socialists and know that any threat to one of them, is a threat to all of them, so regardless of personal feelings, they will work together to crush any rebellions.

Sadly enough, Corporations seem to be better at unification than their opponents on the Left. Trying to get the Left to agree on anything, is the equivalent of herding cats. We could probably stand to just be in each other's corners and screw the infighting.

Let's take an Iroquois Confederation-style approach to alliances. The agreement between the tribes that made up the Confederation was basically, "Okay, we'll put aside our differences and work together to deal with the White Man. At the same time, each tribe maintains their own sovereignty and can conduct their internal affairs as they see fit, so long as it doesn't intrude upon the lives of the other tribes."

Or in other words, the vegans can still be vegans and so-on and so-on with other groups, so long as we agree to work together and respect the beliefs of others, even if we don't agree with them.

A Pertinent Simpsons Clip:


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Think of the innovations we're missing out on, because a large chunk of society is busy scrapping like hell to survive. Stress has very real deleterious on reasoning and thinking; someone constantly living in fear of homelessness, probably doesn't have the time/energy to explore that idea that's been nagging at them.


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That's a bit of a confusing question. After all, the wheel is a form of technology when you come right down to it.

My objections regarding tech, and I imagine many anti-tech anarchists feel the same, is the Constant Production for the Sake of Production that governs our culture. We have easily produced enough clothing, so probably everyone in the world can wear a new outfit every day without repeating previous ourselves, yet for some reason, we can't say, "Okay, we've produced enough clothes. Why don't we close the factories and work on something else?" No, the factories have to keep going, burning through nonrenewable resources, forever poisoning the Earth.

To often in discussions regarding tech, people think in absolutes, believe that "tech is evil and must be destroyed" or "we can either have tech or live like cavemen." Both mindsets are entirely too simplistic. Rather than throw out everything willy-nilly, why not hold onto what works and jettison what doesn't?

Maybe rather than constantly make new gadgets, why not say, "Fuck Planned Obsolescence!" and regain the Right to Repair. Therefore, when something breaks down, we either try to fix it or break it down to parts, which can be used for other projects. If someone wants their gadget to have part X, rather than throw out a perfectly good device, why not modify their device, so it has part X/feature X? We could have kind of a perpetual yard sale where people can dump off stuff they no longer want, so someone else can pick it up or again, it can be broken down into parts for some other projects.


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Because people still display the symptoms of a condition regardless of whether or not someone else is smart enough to recognize it?

Anyway, the mental picture people have of someone with Autism is a White Male, so naturally, they're more prone to look for it in White Males. It also doesn't help that differences born as a result of society or biology, leads to women not presenting according to the stereotypical model. Girls are, from a pretty early age, conditioned to constantly cater to the wants and needs of others and as such, this forces them to become better at mimicking normal people, though they will always be off-key about it.

As for PoC, this just seems to be something that happens to them because of, well, racism. They are stuffed into overcrowded, underfunded schools that don't have the time and resources needed to help them. Even if they're not, if a White kid is struggling in school, teacher is more willing to go, "Hmm...maybe they have some kind of learning disability or something hindering their ability to think and function." Whereas kids of color are just regarded as pain-in-the-ass kids.


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Mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying and irritating as fuck, but they have killed God-only-Knows how many people.

And wasps. At least with bees, you get delicious honey to go with all the stings and they pollinate our crops. Bees also only sting if they feel threatened, because they'll die after stinging. Wasps on the other hand, don't die after stinging you, so they can do it however many times they want, because they're assholes that way.


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I took the liberty of translating the whole thing, save for the heading, via Google Translate. If any actual French speakers want to take it on, feel free, seeing as Google Translate isn't probably the best source around.

Anyway, here it comes:

Following the 1st assembly of Commercy, about 200 delegations present continue their fight against liberal extremism policies for Freedom, Equality and Fraternity!

Despite the repressive escalation of the government, the accumulation of laws that aggravate for all living conditions, which destroy rights and freedoms; the mobilization is rooted to change the system embodied by Macron!

As the only answer to the converging aspirations of yellow vests and other struggles, the government panics and opposes an authoritarian drift.

For 5 months, everywhere in France, on the roundabouts, car parks, squares, tolls, in the demonstrations, in our assemblies: we continue to debate, to fight against all the forms of inequalities, injustice, discrimination, and for solidarity and dignity.

We claim:

  • the general increase in wages, pensions and social minima;

  • public services for all.

Our solidarity and our struggles are especially for the 9 million people living below the poverty line.

Aware of the environmental emergency, we say "End of the world, end of the month, same logic, same fight! "

In the face of the charade of the great debate, in the face of an unrepresentative government and the service of a privileged minority, we are setting up new forms of direct democracy.

In concrete terms, we recognize that the Assembly of Assemblies can receive proposals from local assemblies and issue guidelines (such as the call of the first Assembly of the Assemblies of Commercy). These guidelines are then systematically submitted to local groups.

The Assembly of Assemblies reaffirms its independence from political parties and trade unions, and does not recognize any self-proclaimed leader.

During 3 days, in plenary assembly and by thematic groups, we all debated and elaborated proposals on our demands, actions, means of communication and coordination.

We are in the long term and decide to organize a next assembly meeting in June.

In order to strengthen the balance of power, to put all citizens in order of battle against this system, the Assembly of assemblies calls for actions whose schedule will be released soon via a digital platform dedicated and secure.

The Assembly of Assemblies calls for expanding and strengthening sovereign local assemblies and creating new ones.

We call on all Yellow Vests to spread this call and the conclusions of our Assembly.

The results of the plenary work are made available to the local assemblies to feed the actions and reflections of the assemblies.

We make several calls: on the Europeans, the citizens' and local popular assemblies, against the repression and for the cancellation of the sentences of the prisoners and condemned of the movement.

It seems necessary to take a time of 3 weeks to mobilize all the yellow vests and convince those who are not yet!

We are calling for a Yellow Action Week starting May 1st.

We invite all those who want to end the grabbing of the Living to assume a conflictuality with the current system, to create together, by all means necessary a new social movement popular ecological.

The multiplication of current struggles calls us to seek unity of action.

We call on all levels of the territory to fight collectively to achieve the satisfaction of our social, fiscal, ecological and democratic demands.

Aware that we have to fight against a global system, we consider that it will be necessary to leave capitalism.

Thus we will collectively build this famous "all and all together" that we are chanting and that makes everything possible: we build all and all together, at all levels of the territory.

The power of the people, by the people, for the people. Do not look at us, join us!


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Even if it won't solve everything forever, it is a start, one that can be built on. Try to find the middle between optimism and pessimism. This movement has the potential to become something great, but it also has the power to turn into something awful, or dissolve entirely. All we can do is keep watching and fighting.


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I am also tired of the "Be realistic!" meme. Yes, we shouldn't go too out there, but lately, it seems that Realism is just used as an excuse to shoot down any new political idea that doesn't involve fellating the Rich or killing Brown People. The Right proposes all kinds of Utopian thinking---we're mired in a nearly eighteen year long war because they believe we can eradicate a tactic/ideology--but we can't even sit down and discuss how to implement and fund medicare-for-all. But a several decades-long War on Drugs will eventually lead people to stop using drugs and spending several billion dollars on a wall, will keep out immigrants, even though most illegal immigrants come in via plane.


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I have a list of words where for every usage, I mentally deduct 10 IQ points from the user's assumed IQ. For the record, unless someone gives me proof otherwise, they all start out with an 100 because that's considered the average. And I do realize that context matters that there can be uses of these words that aren't asinine and stupid.

Anyway, the list is: Big Pharma, False Flag, Feminazi, SJW, PC, reverse anything [racism, sexism, etc.], fake news, Identity Politics, racial realist, working class

Knowing my luck I will remember more after I type this post. Some of it is kind of bizarre. There are plenty of legitimate abuses the pharmaceutical industry has committed, but people who use the phrase "Big Pharma," focus their attention on nonsense like, "They're giving us Autism via flu shots!!!11!!!" rather than, y'know, price gouging.

I also hate any use of Whataboutism. I also hate the term "classical liberalism" because its pretty much code for "I support White Supremacy, but I'm not willing to own up to it." Whenever any variations on the r-word show up, I'm pretty much like, "Well I'm done here." That goes for the -tard suffix. And no good comes from any sentence that goes "I'm not X, but..." And any argument that goes along the lines of "But free speech," isn't worth your time.


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I am a proud Introvert fascinated with the idea of intentional communities. Basically, the communities should exist to survive the members' needs. I do believe we need to have periods where everyone comes together as a community, via personal celebrations, but the work of building a community forces people to gather and labor together, which is all right with me. I actually have an easier time with working with people when there's some major project that needs to be done. So long as I know what I'm supposed to be doing and how to do it, I can handle things. I can also handle loud music really of any kind more than I can handle loud groups of people, because music has an innate structure and isn't just mindless noise.

Intentional communities are inherently about compromises. No matter how well planned, once executed, the plan will have to undergo many adjustments to suit the needs of community members, which is how it should be. Communities should suit their members.


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There really isn't much to say except "Fuck..."

Though given the GOP's bigotry, you'd think they'd be more supportive of migrant girls getting abortions, but I suppose in the contest between Hatred of Nonwhites and Hatred of Women, Hatred of Women wins out. I know there's no point in ranking prejudices, turning things into a contest as to "Who is the most oppressed?" but I've honestly wondered if Bigots hate women above all other groups.


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After the punch was memed to hell and back, Richard Spencer has since held fewer public speaking arrangements, basically saying, "It's not fun anymore." The punch showed that the dragon, for all his bluster, is a coward with feet of clay. Fascists are obsessed with presenting a facade of strength, and few things hurt them more than have that image cracked. So much of the factitious splitting of the alt-Right, came about because of the punch.

Also, the punch also turned Richard Spencer into a fucking joke, which is something Fascists hate even more. As much as they hate their strength being revealed for the posturing BS it is, Fascists hate being laughed at even more.

In any case, my concern isn't so much about converting Richard Spencer and his cheerleaders as it is about stopping him. Since that punch basically sent him running scared, clearly punching works.


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It's a reoccuring theme on the Right: they have no problem with oppression, so long as it is done by the right people for the right reasons. Their worship of Putin illustrates this fact so very well.

Soviet dictators ran roughshod over the rights and lives of their people, but they did so in the name of communism, which makes their actions wrong. Whereas Putin runs roughshod over the rights and lives of his people, but he does it in the name of cronyism and unfettered free market capitalism, which makes his actions okay; hence the Right's fanboyish worship.

Even if many forms of radical Islam shares many values in common with the Christian Right, the problem is radical Islam oppresses people in the name of Islam, not Jesus, which makes their actions wrong. If they tortured women and killed unbelievers in the name of Christ, that would be okay, but instead they do these things in the name of Allah.


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Basically yes. There really aren't any jobs outside of Food Service or Retail, and because there are so few jobs, they fill up fast and generally stay filled up. If somebody quits or leaves their job for whatever reason, the manager has countless applicants waiting to take their place. The factory, mining, farming jobs that sustained most of these places have gone the way of the dodo and aren't likely to come back. Even if you're fortunate enough to live not too far from a major metropolitan area, congratulations: the money you save in rent by choosing to live in Small Town USA instead of Major City, will soon be devoured up by transportation costs.

In any case, few things annoy me than pundits opining about Small Town America or Real America™. First of all, most of these paeans to Real America™, are written by people living in New York City or LA or other major metropolitan areas, people who likely haven't spent a day in a small town, never mind lived in one. cf. David Brooks's infamous [One Nation, Slightly Divisible] ( which was universally hated by Red States and Blue States.

From what I've managed to gather from all these editorials, written or otherwise, by various pundits, Real America™ is small, rural, and predominately White. Coastal cities do not count as Real America™. Major cities also do not qualify as Real America™. While you can't step outside anywhere in New York City without seeing a veritable sea of humanity, somehow in a city of 8 million people there isn't one single Real American™.

Unlike most of the writers of these hymns to Real America™ or the politicians and pundits who endlessly reference them, I have actually lived in several small towns that would probably fit their definition of Real America™. My father is a preacher, so I have spent a considerable amount of time in various Podunkvilles, have sat in the pews with them and eaten with them at church dinners and the few restaurants in town.

Right now, I am living in the reddest part of a red state, people who would die before they voted for anyone without an (R) next to their name. We are pretty much owned and operated by the Good Ol' Boy Network.

Naturally, a lot of them are Donald Trump supporters. I am able to sympathize with them on some level, because they do have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed, but again, my sympathy only goes so far, because in voting for Trump, they demonstrated they would happily throw minorities and women under the bus on the off-chance it would improve their own lives. Most would call that pretty reprehensible. They are being screwed over so badly, but again, they still choose to elect these people, they choose to support these horrible policies.

Though one thing I raise my eyebrow at, regarding the article, is the fact her dying hometown has a population of 14,000. Compared with some of the places I've lived, 14,000 is a freaking metropolis.


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In addition to the "no sermons," you should follow the lead of texts like "The Little Red Schoolbook." It was first published in the 70's but remains very relevant today and gods, how I wish I had this book when I was an angry teenager. I had to learn the stuff it teaches by experiment.

The book kind of takes the tone of the cool older sibling, like your big brother or sister who gives you the kind of advice Mom and Dad can't. Mom and Dad may mean well, but their experiences are far removed from their kid's, whereas the cool older sibling can more clearly remember what it was like. The cool older sibling is also less likely to be a sermonizing dick about what you're going through. Granted, I'm aware not every older sibling is cool, but I believe I've made my point.

Anyway, kids would probably easy relate and enjoy stuff in the tone of the book's opening.

Grown-ups do have a lot of power over you: they are real tigers. But in the long run they can never control you completely: they are paper tigers. Tigers are frightening. But if they’re made of paper they can’t eat anyone. You believe too much in the power of grown-ups, and not enough in your own capabilities.

Children and grown-ups are not natural enemies. But grown-ups themselves have little real control over their lives. They often feel trapped by economic and political forces. Children suffer as a result of this. Cooperation is possible when grown-ups have realised this and have started to do something about it.

In addition, just point out that there's nothing edgy or world-changing about being a dick. Anyone can be an asshole, but it takes real courage to care about things and try to fight for an actual cause, rather than just triggering UR libs!!!!!1!!!

Heck while schools tend to focus on adult leaders in political movements like MLK, Jr. and the like, the real truth is that the vast majority of civil rights marchers or anyone working for a progressive cause, were young people, teens and twenty-somethings putting themselves on the line for something they believed in. But again, history is taught as strictly being made by upper-class White Adults. Geez, I wonder why...:eyeroll:


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Amen. You don't want to be lumped in with Nazis? Then stop propagating Nazi imagery and slogans, stop linking to people who espouse the Nazi ideology, and stop espousing Nazi ideology yourself. It's not that hard.

Oh, I forget, Pew is supposed to be doing all this "ironically" which somehow makes it okay, even if doing it "ironically" is somehow indistinguishable from being an actual Nazi.

Fuck Nazis. Fuck all of them. Literal and hypothetical, fictional and nonfictional, ironic and unironic. Fuck them any day of the week, any time of the week.


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The article was interesting, but I am like, "Really?!" at the opening line.

Autism isn't a superpower, but good luck telling that to Hollywood.

Don't get me wrong: I totally agree with the idea that we should have the Magical Autistic Savant who exists to make neurotypical people better people, but given the largely negative cultural memes surrounding Autism, I'm more in favor of overly positive superlatives. It mustn't be forgotten that our culture overwhelmingly hates Autistic people and would rather they not exist at all*, so even if Sam from Atypical or the guy from The Good Doctor are something of exaggerations, it is a refreshing change of pace to have positive exaggerations, to actually have Autistic characters in leading roles. Fiction, regardless of media, is one of the best ways of confronting long-held societal prejudices.

To put it simply showing someone from a maligned group simply just being a person, falling in love, trying to achieve their goals and dreams, while enjoying life, does so much more to defeat prejudices than lectures or sermons. Get more stories out there, especially with Autistic PoC or women, because since the default stereotype of someone with Autism is White and Male, both Autistic PoC and women fall through the cracks.

Though for those who want to see a really good example of Autistic representation, Billy from the 2017 Power Rangers movie is one of the best portrayals out there.

First of all, it is explicitly said that he is Autistic--this isn't just implied nor is it a fan theory--but he is never depicted in a negative light for this. In fact, he's continually shown to be the best of the group, the one who not only puts the pieces together faster than them, but also the generally when it comes to heroism, being courageous and noble. He knows what's at stake and wants nothing more than to do whatever he can to save the lives of others. And Billy is PoC in this adaptation, which further adds to the appeal since PoC are under-diagnosed when it comes to Autism. The film has its problems and the quality is uneven, but Billy alone almost makes it worthwhile.

*Thing I've learned thanks to Mother Culture: if a parent kills or tries to kill their child, they're scum who should rot in prison. If they kill or try to kill their Autistic child, they are poor innocents who suffered so much and are rewarded with an appearance on Doctor Phil.

For the record, I know we live in a deeply ableist society stubbornly opposed to providing any sort of aid in raising a child with any kind of disability. Parenting a normal kid is often, at times, a rough and thankless job. The difficulties an Autistic child brings to the table, probably add to the stress.

That doesn't change the fact that it's still wrong to murder your child. Go to an ER or a police station, stand there and beg for help until you're blue in the face. Heck, even if you just abandoned the kid at the ER, well, I'd still think that's a scummy thing to do, but again, still better than murdering your child.


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When it comes to Trump, treat every word from that anus-shaped mouth as a poisonous promise. Don't dive into denial. It should be abundantly clear that he is not merely mistaken. He is actively driven by bad faith and therefore, the smartest move is to assume the worst. Don't relax your guard around him until the fucker has been run out on a rail. Then afterwards, don't trust Pence or any of his cronies.

Again, generally you should assume that someone is acting out of good faith, merely mistaken rather than evil. You should give someone the benefit of the doubt and assume you're dealing with reasonable people, until you have proof otherwise. However, once you have proof otherwise, don't bother. Pretending to be dealing with reasonable people when you're clearly not, is suicide.


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Yeah, if only large numbers of people had continually pointed out that he's a goddanged con artist with a well-documented history of being a racist dillhole. I mean, who would have thought electing someone who had no experience with politics into the highest political office in the land, was a real dumb idea?

A lot of people were pointing out Trump's weaknesses before and after the election. But the mainstream found it easier to dive into denial and convince themselves that a racist fascist con man who throws hissies over any slight, however small, would magically transform into a calm, well-reasoned leader. In any case, he was a source of great ratings, which was what really mattered. I mean, what did you expect them to do? Act like actual journalists by doing actual investigating and reporting? :eyeroll: