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Sorry to have waited so long to post in this thread, but I wanted time to mull things over.

I entirely understand the general tendency towards pessimism. There are plenty of reasons for it, plenty of examples as to point to about how everything is going to shit. And on some level, the pessimistic predictions are correct. Our way of life cannot be sustained and either we can dismantle Capitalism or Industrial Civilization and maybe salvage a decent existence, or it will be dismantled by default once it has reached its natural limits, because constant growth isn't possible. Just as if you constantly gobble chocolate cake, you will eventually run out of chocolate cake, if you constantly consume resources, you will eventually run out of resources.

All this is true, but at the same time, ultimately we must hope, not the mindless Pollyanna type, but the real, strong kind that fuels change. Hope is ultimately a radical act. The Powers That Be want you to give up, accept that this is how the world has to be, and you're a fool for daring to dream or ask for something better. Continuing to hope and letting that hope fuel your resistance, is an upraised middle finger to all of it.

So while I know that in all likelihood what awaits us is starvation and squalor, I will choose to hope. After all, humans are wired for altruism and empathy and despite the State's best efforts, these traits are very hard to stamp out. Many people, ironically, often support so-called Marxist or Socialist ideas, if they are framed using different terms from the ones they've received a steady diet of fearmongering about. Even if Industrial Civilization comes crashing down, we will try to take care of each other and as a result, some form of government will emerge. It will be on a more tribal band-level, but it's still government.

Any case, I've recently become a fan of Solarpunk. I just really like the aesthetic and the mindset around it. Humans, in addition to being naturally wired for empathy, are also wired to create and innovate. We'll take stuff apart and figure out how to make it work. Because people tend to fall into the trap of "The Modern World is shallow and we need to go back to traditions of old" or "The past has nothing to teach us," but it doesn't have to be an either/or situation. We can hold onto what works, jettison what doesn't, and rediscover and modify old techniques. Marry the old and the new.


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We are naturally wired to want to take care of each other. We don't need a State to make us do it. In fact, the State does what it can to pervert and destroy this impulse, because of the threat it poses. If our natural empathy gets too strong, we might start asking questions like, "Okay, if we have nearly ten abandoned homes for each individual homeless person, why can't we let them move into these houses?" and from there ask questions like, "Why do we lock up the basic essentials needed to survive, even though we have a surplus?"


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I scanned through this thread, trying to figure out the general gist of it all. Initially, when I read the thread title I thought, "Oh, this is going to be a discussion of the Post-Revolution world, what happens following the collapse." Judging by the rest of the replies, I was mistaken, though I might just discuss that anyway.

Because honestly, the state of the world is gloomy enough as is. We all know that all this is going to collapse. If you constantly devour nonrenewable resources, eventually you are going to run out of resources; it's a basic fact of life. The plain and simple truth is that this Industrial, One-Size-Fits-All Civilization was only able to keep going as long as it has because until recently, there were always new lands to expand to with new resources to consume. Europe is all used up? Go to the Americas and get more resources.

The trouble is that this Civilization has effectively taken over the planet; there are no more new lands to expand to. Right now, Capitalism is trying to keep the game going by consuming other Capitalist nations, but there's an obvious flaw to that strategy.

In any case, people will elect Fascist leaders because there's something attractive-sounding that there could be a simple, easy solution to a massive worldwide problem. But Fascists are strutting bullies who suck at running countries; bluster and nationalism can only get you so far. As a result, things will deteriorate further, leading to more unrest, and more crackdowns, until finally Industrial Civilization reaches its limits and the whole thing comes crashing down, and survivors have to pick up the pieces.

I had planned to post my theories about what a post-revolution, post-collapse world would be like, but this post is hella long as is. I know I tend to be a long-winded poster, but I feel I should try to ease up on it. I firmly believe, barring a world-ending event like, say, nuclear war, that humans will rebuild, because that's what we've always done. Ice Age hits? We suffer and struggle, but we pay attention, study, and learn, and manage to survive. In my vision, we do more than more than our current day-to-day survival: we fucking thrive.


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Hate to break it to you, but if this is the first time you've heard of it, I'm assuming you still have your umbilical cord attached. It's been a longstanding meme in our culture that women lie about rape, make accusations to punish innocent White dudes. Apparently there's no easier path to a life of riches, fame, and glory then by being a rape victim. I mean, sure you'll have to deal with people depicting you as the biggest, most vindictive, lying [insert prejorative term], have everyone digging through your life history with a finetooth comb to find anything that will prove that you are literally the worst person since Hitler, but you get your name and face in the news and maybe a memoir deal out of it, so all the abuse is worth it. :eyeroll:

There have been instances where people have lied about being raped, but y'know what, there have also been instances of burglaries that turned out to be insurance scams and no one uses that as an excuse to dismiss all burglary cases.

Link to an important, depressing infographic to drive the point home: