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He was, but it doesn't change the fact that his inventions effectively revolutionized society. Tesla gave us alternating current, radio, radar, so much of the tech and principles that led to wireless communication and transistors. Tesla was a eugenicist, which makes him a colossal asshole, but again, he still deserves better than to be associated with Elon Musk.

Musk didn't even found Tesla Motors. He bought the company from the founders (aka the guys who actually did the engineering and cool stuff) and with the purchase, bought the right to call himself a founder. The engineers who actually founded the company, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, are contractually forbidden from referring to themselves as the founders.

tl;dr, Musk is a rich asshole basically cosplaying as an entrepreneur, and everyone bought into it.


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The answer to that question is really obvious. Pretty much everyone on this board is laughing and laughing bitterly.

In the US, a bunch of White Rightwing Fuckwads took over government property while bearing guns, threatening to kill anyone who tried to stop them. And the authorities were like, "It'd be better if you'd stop, but hey, I don't want you to feel too pressured by all this." Yeah, they did eventually drop the hammer on these guys, but that was after giving them chance after chance to resolve things peacefully, repeatedly bending over backwards.

Meanwhile, the Native Americans at Standing Rock protesting having a pipeline cut through their sacred land? Authorities were all, "Say hello to tanks and tear gas, mothereffers!" pretty quick.


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Really tough call between Amazon or Walmart. Though since everyone's taking out Amazon, I'll go after Walmart. Walmart is all of America's worst traits in corporate form and basically given where I live, they've effectively made it so I've got to keep feeding the beast that's destroying small town USA.

Though if someone could take out Tesla and punch out Elon Musk, I'd really appreciate it. Poor Nikola if dying a penniless virgin despite inventing most of the tech that makes modern life possible wasn't bad enough, he's also associated with this douchecanoe. Nikola Tesla had more genius in his little finger than Musk could ever hope to over the course of his lifetime.


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I have clicked on the link and tried to download this fine Firefox add-on, but whenever I click to download, a message comes up saying that it couldn't be downloaded because of a connection failure. Could someone more versed in Github help me out, tell me what's going on, and if the problem is on my end or their end? And of course, how to resolve said problem.


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I felt this quote needed to be brought up:

“In light of what happened this morning, it is clear that Immigration Customs and Enforcement officials are aware and frustrated that community members understand how to exercise their rights. Now, ICE agents are taking out their frustrations on our neighbors by escalating civil matters into use of lethal force,” said Hernan Crescencio, member of the MIX.

It should be abundantly clear that ICE along with just about every law enforcement agency in this country, exists primarily as the USA's domestic terrorism arm. The troops terrorize foreigners to keep them in check, while law enforcement takes care of the homefront.


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We are on average, paying $775 per immigrant per day. For comparison, a one night stay at the Ritz-Carlton will cost you, depending on where you stay and all that, $395-$775. If you've seen any of the news stories, you know these camps sure as shit don't come close to the luxury of the Ritz.

It should be obvious what's going on. Private prisons are cutting costs as much as possible and providing as few services as they can legally get away with, so they can scoop up as much of that $775 as possible, which will primarily go into the hands of CEOs, not the rank-and-file staff working at these places. It's basically how private prisons work.

Okay, I suppose there's some hairsplitting that can be done about how these places are technically not prisons, but I'm not seeing too many differences. In any case, I've developed several rules of life in my years on this planet. One of them is "If someone begins a sentence with the phrase 'Technically it's not..." or some variation of it, chances are pretty good that it's exactly what they're saying it isn't, and the speaker of these words should hang their head in shame." Or at least, they would if the speaker had anything resembling shame.