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Are leftists who claim they wont kill nonvoilent burgulers just bullshiting me?

They're probably bullshitting themselves.

You can't know if they're non-violent without communication and any to attempt to communicate with someone that broke into your home (whether it's shouting a warning, loudly pumping a shotgun, etc) is incredibly detrimental to your safety if they are violent, since it alerts them to your presence and general direction.


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Are you going to actually take the time to learn to use it safely and train to be very competent with it?

If your answer is anything other than "Abso-fuckin-lutely!", then no I would not suggest a firearm.


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What is it with a lot of capital 'L' Leftists on social media and their outright refusal to use language that could actually help win people over?

I feel particularly frustrated when I see posts that blame capitalism for things with absolutely no explanation or analysis attached to it.

Anyone that doesn't already understand the relationships between capitalism, the state, cops, businesses, and systemic violence (which is a fuck ton of people, especially where I grew up) is going to dismiss it, outright, as the ramblings of an angsty teen or a an individual blaming a system for their own failings.


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I think we're both making different points.

I'm claiming that acts of sabotage will hurt corporations more than any individualist consumer lifestyle changes, not that it will solve the problem of animal welfare or slaughter


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Why do you think you can have am effect on a legal industry which most people like to consume their products

Many drugs are easy to produce within a garage with cheap supplies, which make it easy to decentralize production. Decentralization and ease of production make it very difficult to make a dent in.

Industrial farms, slaughterhouses, and agricultural corporations often have centralized hubs in regions for their supply lines, because it's easier to orchestrate. This can be the slaughterhouses themselves, the feed storage, product storage, or the technical infrastructure they use for orchestration (assuming they're not completely reliant on cloud solutions)

Each point of infrastructure is incredibly expensive and takes a non-arbitrary time to replace. If a couple dozen people spent a weekend attacking the infrastructure they could do hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the equipment and cause billions of dollars of lost revenue for the corporations over the period of time it takes to replace it.

I'm not making any claims that you could effectively stop all production or even most of it. I'm claiming that coordinated sabotage could force a slow down in certain regions and hurt the corporations in a way that individuals making dietary/lifestyle choices can't.


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More people are being born every day than go vegan (for most of their lives) in a week, hell probably in a month. Corporations will never slow down torturing and murdering animals unless people convert to veganism faster than they're being born.

If you actually want to make a difference, you have to sabotage the supply line. Firebomb the slaughterhouses, perform denial of service attacks to their technical infrastructure, destroy the roads and make it impossible for the transportation of animals.

If you're not doing that, then you're not slowing them down


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The hospital launched an investigation and was led to believe inadvertent human error was to blame [...] But on Wednesday, the worker who was responsible admitted to doing it on purpose, Advocate Aurora Health said.

Wow. They had a free pass, but then threw it away. They must have wanted people to know that they did it, maybe to signal to other antivaxx healthcare workers to do the same?


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The flavors mix really well with cilantro and onion, so many Puerto Rican dishes, TexMex, breakfast tacos, straight up rice and beans...

If I'm being honest, I probably put it on anything that isn't sweet

I should mention that the sauce itself has other ingredients like other peppers (hatch chili, jalapenos, or whatever else I'm feeling), vinegar, onion, garlic, salt, paprika, and lime. I might be forgetting some other ingredients for that particular sauce, because I haven't made a batch since late September, but that's the general list of ingredients in my sauces


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Currently using an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop pc. It's actually more responsive than I though it would be. Only complaints are:

  1. You're basically stuck to Raspberry Pi OS, because it's the fastest implementation of Linux for this hardware (at least from my testing with Ubuntu and Kali)
  2. The Tor Browser isn't made for the ARM platform outside of Android, so I had to modify Firefox manually.
  3. Browser based video playback, even with h264ify for youtube, isn't great (it's passable, at least)

Overall, though, I'm satisfied with it. I can code, watch videos, check my email, and visit Raddle via Tor


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Thanks, I'll give that a look through!

I went on a quick search online for exploit development and reverse engineering to try to answer my own question and I'll just add some of the resources I found for anyone else that's interested:


DAY[0] Discussion - Learn Exploit Development While Not Dying

Capture the Flag Practice


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I have to choose a 'safe' career, because I have people whose quality of life is directly tied to my ability to pay rent and buy groceries. I would absolutely love to get into Reverse Engineering, but I don't personally see a practical way of getting a stable income down that route.

And my dev skills are atrocious, I've probably written less than 5000 lines of code to date :/