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I need to drop one of my 'friends'.

I don't have any positive interactions with them anymore. Anytime I bring up something I'm looking forward to, they shit on it. When I say that I am having doubts about something they're sure about, they call me ableist terms. Not to mention that they deep-throat boot regularly, often to the point of defending fascist sympathizers.

I don't want to deal with the shit show of telling them to fuck off (it will cause issues in other social circles) and I know that I can't get away with ghosting them.


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It depends on:

  1. The rate of vitamin D production of you body when you're in the sun
  2. How much time you're in the sun
  3. How much vitamin D your diet is contributing
  4. Your diet when you take the vitamin D (affects how the supplement is processed by your body)
  5. Whether or not you're currently vitamin D deficient

You'd probably be fine taking 100-400 UI daily, because the human body really sucks at absorbing it through supplements. As such, you're unlikely to run into Vitamin D toxicity.

HOWEVER: I'm an IT professional, not a medical one. Get some tests done by a medical professional that can tell you whether or not you actually need it.


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I've got pretty major life changing things happening in the next few months.

All of the changes are positive, yet my brain has decided that panic attacks are clearly the best response to change.

AS a side note, I almost made it two years without a full-blown panic attack. Probably my longest record in the last ~15 years


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Recently realized that I've been burnt out from work for over a year, now. It has been negatively impacting all my relationships.

Being the sole income for the household... i don't know what to do. Feeling way overwhelmed and trapped, every day.


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Had a few 16 hour workdays this week and it looks like I'll probably have a few more next week.

I fucking hate work, work-culture, and my workaholic coworkers


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Reply to comment by !deleted31267 in by !deleted31465

If they hadn't ended their posts with

To learn more visit --> [website address]

without any explanation about what the site is and their entire post hadn't read like every spam email I've ever received, I would probably agree with you.


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This list is going to contain my biases for what masculinity means to me, which tends to be skills for surviving and body control (reflexes, strength, etc)

  • Mechanical modification and repair (bicycles, cars, motorcycles, clocks, etc)
  • Carpentry
  • Survivalist camping
  • Knife making (or blacksmithing in general)
  • Parkour
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  • Marksmanship

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You're making a lot of assumptions.

I never said to kill anyone...

Just don't put yourself at greater harm by making yourself a potential target.

If an intruder, whose intentions you don't know, isn't aware that you're there, you may be able to:

  1. quietly leave to safety

  2. set off a loud, disconnected alarm system to scare them, if you have one

  3. secure and barricade a room

That all being said, can you tell me how it's priveledge to prioritize the healthy and safety of myself and my child over a stranger that has broken into our home?


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Are leftists who claim they wont kill nonvoilent burgulers just bullshiting me?

They're probably bullshitting themselves.

You can't know if they're non-violent without communication and any to attempt to communicate with someone that broke into your home (whether it's shouting a warning, loudly pumping a shotgun, etc) is incredibly detrimental to your safety if they are violent, since it alerts them to your presence and general direction.


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Are you going to actually take the time to learn to use it safely and train to be very competent with it?

If your answer is anything other than "Abso-fuckin-lutely!", then no I would not suggest a firearm.