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Useless and lying article. Pushing an agenda. It's in too small concentration for it to have any impact or even be relevant. Plus water absorbs radiations.

There is nothing to be scared of if you don't live near the power plant. They should've written about the radiation problems in the immediate surrounding of the power plant if they were interested by Fukushima's environmental impact.


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The power relation between cishet and lgbtq people is so one-sided that the words mocking one or the other do not have the same weight at all.

It's like the white genocide jokes that got lwse banned from reddit. Or the cannibalism jokes that pop up in /f/eattherich. Or even all the vegan jokes about carnists. They have next to no power backing them up and are thus unable to cause harm, even if technically discrimination.

Once the power relations are more equal, we will need to question those jokes. Unfortunately, it isn't the case outside of raddle and other communities.

Also it's a way to vent that doesn't harm anyone but conservative ego.


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You can use quite a few models from thermodynamics and apply them to economics and they are still relevant. It's funny that a bunch of people with money behave like a room of gas lol. There is thread on reddit's physics board on just that right now.


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Yes. If we set a certain number of criteria for our end goal, and only find means that tick what we consider the most important ones, at some point we'll need to choose to either temporarily abandon some goals, or progress horizontally.

If sacrificing the lesser goals is necessarily, I'm ready to do it. No omelette without breaking eggs.


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I feel like a ban is a punishment and wont really solve anything. He kinda already punished himself by loosing the community's trust.

I believe he should go to /f/mediation to solve his personal problems instead of /f/lobby thought.

Also didnt we say that discussions about bans should be done in /f/mediation? Even if we're talking about our former admin, I do not believe this thread belongs in /f/meta