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In the 20th century, they thought global population was reaching an impossible limit and people feared this would lead us to global world hunger and a death tool in the millions. That never happened. Truth is overpopulation is not the problem, the problem is that more and more people are adopting Western lifestyle in the developing countries and we're wasting to much ressources


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Could you give me a link of it or something similar? I don't really want to spend money on it, would like a homemade one because my bag has a double bottom, I can put whatever I want in it. If I could make a Faraday bag out of it, that would be amazing


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Yeah, I won't absolutely do that, even if it is the richest school in the country. It is against any types of morals and common sense. You are taking away tools that allows people to learn. The money you steal from them could benefit for others outside the school