RanDomino wrote

You said I "got really quiet" after that "lie". But actually I pointed out that it was the other person who was lying. They said it was a picture of a SDF soldier replacing a YPG flag with a regime flag. I pointed out that it was an SAA soldier putting a regime flag next to a YPG flag. I directly refuted what they said.


RanDomino wrote

"only aligned with" is an absolutely meaningless statement. SAA forces being nearby has had no effect on DFNS governance.

You know all this, of course, but hate the YPG presumably because you're blaming them for the failure to defeat Assad, rather than the actual culprit, the Islamists who pointlessly attacked the YPG in 2012 under orders from the Turkish fascist/imperialist government. You are probably an Arab supremacist who doesn't consider Kurdish lives to matter.