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The reason I was able to save up enough is because I lived with my parents instead of paying a landlord but when my dad kicked us out, we had to choose between getting a landlord or becoming homeowners. I think we made the right choice too.


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The ancients believed that everything that existed had a voice and that all creatures were externally singing the praises of the creator. However, contemporary man, because his soul is immersed in the illusion of material existence, can no longer hear those divine melodies. In the quest for social transformation the psychedelic experience runs throughout our society, teaching us how to wake up from the insanity our culture is engulfed in. The psychedelic experience opens a window so that we can see the mechanical, endlessly repeating thought programs that carry through our lives. However, this experience is only a catalyst and cannot be mistaken for the real thing. The personal transformation of the psychedelic journey comes to an end when the individual attains a pure state of feeling and being. This is the enlightenment, the art of being in the here and now.