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Sure, Just look at the tenth point for example:

It ensured that the burden of war doesn't only fall on male shoulders

When the U.S. Department of Defense decided to end the discriminatory policy of banning women from combat roles in the military, it didn't only help female soldiers, it benefitted their male peers too. Allowing women on the front lines in 2013 opened up 237,000 military jobs that were previously off-limits to females, which gave relief to the male members of the military. Charles Clymer, a PolicyMic columnist and army veteran, said that everyone benefits from women entering combat roles.

"When we do this, we're doubling our potential for greatness in military leadership, instead of limiting ourselves by eliminating half of our available talent. Further, studies have shown that mixed-gender units demonstrate smarter thinking," he told PolicyMic.

Moreover, Clymer believes this takes some pressure off men. "Because 85% of our military is male, this reduces an unfair burden placed on men to take on dangerous assignments for our national security. Feminists have always recognized the injustice of drafting only men, and as a man and veteran, that shows me they are just as much about men as they do women," he said.

Not only this adopts, word by word, the imperialist, statist and US settler nationalist narrative, but it doesn't question the slightest the liberal construct. Somtehing which isn't remotely acceptable for any left-wing (including social democracy on this case) social scene, even less for libertarian views.

But even if we don't opt for lines of opposition to conventional, liberal conceptions of war and its associated conceptions of control and domination, women have been a fundamental part of revolutionary struggles across the globe for way longer.

Or the seventeenth, another great example:

It built a more inclusive world, one feminist celebrity at a time.

You may not be aware of it, but the feminist pop icon Beyoncé has helped men, and not just because she encouraged their girlfriends to believe they "woke up like dis." The singer has gone out of her way to put her support behind the LGBTQ community, and gay men in particular.

When Queen Bey's not crushing the patriarchy, she's crushing heternormativity by ensuring that her products don't reinforce stereotypes about who we're supposed to love.

For instance, her Valentines Day couples' underwear kits offered the product with a healthy dose of diversity. Instead of simply coming in male and female options, she made a male-male and female-female varieties to include all couples.

She's also been vocal about the cherished place gay men have in her heart. "I've always had a connection [with my gay fans]. Most of my audience is actually women and my gay fans, and I've seen a lot of the younger boys kind of grow up to my music. It's great when I'm able to do the meet and greets, because I'm able to really connect and have conversations," she told Pride Source.

No leftist would ever use Beyonce (I'm not even getting into the figure of "celebrities") as an example of liberation, an example of liberal "liberation", i.e. preaching for western women's liberal conception of liberation whilst it enslaves women in Sri Lanka to enrich herself.


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Maybe its just the negative on me, but I can't avoid getting nervous on the upcoming crisis given that (aside from the obvious human suffering it will provoke) if something its fascism that will benefit from it.


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If I get it this is aimed at spamming giant polluters? What would it achieve aside from just bothering a random worker who has no say on what the multinational they work in does? I mean, if it was prounion stuff I might see a point as it might promote change (as small as it might be), but this sems closer to Change.org campaigns stuff IMO.


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I honestly doubt this is more than a bunch of conspiracists. Kim is authoritarian, not ignorant: why would he risk catching coronavirus in middle of a global pandemic under an embargo (with the economical and medical implications that this has) when he's the leader of a highly personalist system like Juche?

Edit: articles like this are, sadly, why some MLs end up trusting anything that comes from NK's government/the KCNA. The article even calls Kim overweight in order to push for this theory, something which Reuters would obviously never do with say Boris Johnson.


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I'd say that voting for a spineless neolib might be the best thing, but it could also be used by fascists to leverage their ideology.

I'd argue that if something it does nothing but strengthen and further normalize the far-right. The last years in Europe are a great mirage of it imo, where every election not only saw a rise of far-right parties but also (and that's the major problem really) a derive to more right-wing positions by the rest of parties through adopting partial narratives and legitimizing the far-right.