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People can make up their own mind as to whether or not they defend or support her. I can't say I understand how you got to the conclusion that everything has to be about manipulation.

I don't want to get into an argument about events that happened over a year ago but I believe there's a lot missing from this account of things. There are multiple sides to this. I can elaborate if you or anyone else is willing to listen but I'd rather not flood the site with more arguments about this.

That said, she did make some mistakes in the past. She learnt from them. As did you. Can we all move on?


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Reply to Artbreeder by Zerush

for a second I thought this was gonna be like some way of combining ("breeding") two or more images and I got highly concerned when I saw that half of the images on the front page were faces


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oops comrade that is sounding a little like youre not on board with my agenda, so I've decided you must be a sock of my enemy. After all it's impossible that more than one person disagrees with me


did you know my enemy used the word downvotes once too? Everyone this is conclusive proof


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ngl I'm highly suspicious of this. a few parts of it read like the author is a brocialist who is just mad people care about something other than class, which makes me very skeptical of the rest of it.

from "talking about anti-oppression is christian morality" to "andy ngo was right", to downplaying the existence of fascists, railing against muh "antifa" in the abstract and blaming "anti-oppression moralization" for the rise of the alt-right, as well as the questionable comments about socialists apparently being better at everything, I have to wonder why take the rest of it seriously


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in roughly chronological order of discovery

  1. Super Mario 64 (first game I ever played)

  2. Lego Rock Raiders

  3. The Simpsons: Hit & Run

  4. Burnout 3

  5. Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (DS)

  6. Spore

  7. Age of Mythology

  8. New Super Mario Bros

  9. Super Mario Galaxy 2

  10. Super Paper Mario

  11. Minecraft lol

  12. Kerbal Space Program

  13. Europa Universalis IV

  14. Victoria II

  15. Crusader Kings II

  16. Stellaris

  17. Hearts of Iron IV (hmm I'm noticing a pattern here)

  18. Minetest I guess lol

  19. Crusader Kings III

  20. To round it off at 20: Stronghold Crusader


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You are 55.8% good, 22.5% lawful, making you neutral good.

lmao what is happening

well that makes my average 54.4% good, 11.7% chaotic. I guess I'm "good" but swing between chaotic and lawful(ish) depending on...mood? (or maybe on how I am interpreting the questions in that moment).

actually this seems like peak neutral good


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What overlap do you find you have with anarcho-capitalists?

The only overlap I can think of for me is that the very occasional one is a well-meaning person that's just entrenched in capitalist realism and p u r e i d e o l o g y. But I'm not sure there's anything unique about anarcho-capitalists in that regard