RAN wrote

This exposition of anarchist thought is unfortunately a recipe for assisting the continued survival of the capitalist/imperialist system. It's basically devoid of any perceptible concept of the role of classes and class struggle, the role of exploitation surplus value, and the falling rate of profit, and other key aspects of capitalist class society.

The writer seems to have no realistic concept of Marxism or Bolshevism, and instead renders a ridiculously distorted, snarky hodgepodge of what is presented as an anarchist critique. For guidance of the supposedly correct path to communism, the "short guide" recommends ...

== Anarcho-syndicalism ... a strategy to implement (usually communism but also potentially other social forms) by organising labour unions and community organisations along the lines of the society desired and using them as tools to end capitalism via general strike, armed rebellion and suchlike. Think of it as building the new world inside the old and then busting free like the Alien out of Kane’s rib cage.

So you're gonna implement "communism", but maybe "other social forms"? And this will happen by "using" labor unions and "other organizations" to just "bust free" out of the old society? This seems like the "spontaneous combustion" theory of revolution.

Anti-Marxist rants like this against Bolshevism and authentic communism boil down to a muddle of disorientation for the working class and a recipe for maintaining pockets of rebellious, self-satisfying activity while contributing in reality to the life-extension of capitalism.


RAN wrote

In capitalist society, the "rule of law" is a very flexible construct that can be bent and shaped according to the needs of those who make and interpret the laws – i.e., the capitalists and their satraps in the capitalist state apparatus.

And let's keep in mind that the USA has been lurching closer and closer to a full police state over both Democratic and Republican administrations for a number of decades. I'd estimate it to be about 75% of the way there. Or another way of assessing this is to consider the current status a "soft" police state (and considerably harder for the black and other nonwhite population).