Quantum01 OP wrote

yes, i am aware of my environment and i know the ramifications of posting this stuff on here. theres a difference to me in someone writitng this shit on raddle than an actual publication though.

also, it kinda does when he is the VP. he has enough power to control what happens, also, if he is the VP you can probably garuntee that he hires who he wants. meaning that he could control his underlings to do as he believes because their belief system is the same.


Quantum01 OP wrote

this is probably a silly question, but what, if any, are the moral boundries of fraud? the easiest way would probably be to impersonate a non profit for sick kids, but that seems a little dicey in the moral category and would definitely draw unwanted attention and hatred. lol

but really, i mean, messing with wallstreet level groups is not something that i want to do, like you say, mess with them and ill have the marines after me. but hitting lower level groups or exploiting less fortunate people is really asking for mass hatred if ever caught. i guess finding a happy medium is best.