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The best you can do is try to make most of your income in cash, crypto, or gold. Imo its best to save it in Monero as its super easy to hide that you own anything. Aside from that I guess you can move in to an abandoned house but not only is that probably very illegal where you are, but you probably won't have anything like water or internet.

I guess you could also just move in the wilderness but that's a ton of fucking work.

Honestly just try to make most of your money in cash, crypto, or gold and hide it. You'll still have to pay tax but it'll be greatly reduced.


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PeerTube is the best alternative I'm aware of. It's completely decentralized and open source. There's also Minds and while its nothing like Gab or BitChute, there are a lot of right wingers there, but I wouldn't let that turn me away from it because the platform itself is great.

In order to view YouTube videos I would recommend Invidious, NewPipe, and SkyTube. The last two are for Android only but Invidious can be used anywhere. There's even a hidden service instance of it.


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It has nothing to do with Raddle itself, I love the platform. However because its public, people have been able to mess with us and the only way we can try to counter that is by creating a private forum, however I don't think that's an option on Raddle.

I'm not worried about Raddle censoring me, the censorship usually comes from other platforms I tried to set up similar communities on.


QFTj0ykv OP wrote

That sounds like a really good idea! I skimmed through some of the forum options and it doesn't seem like I can restrict it to Raddle users only.

I don't think it will be a big deal because I doubt Reddit mods will ever stumble accross that forum, and even if they did I don't think they would bother as someone would have to go check it every few days. Even if they did check it, nothing would stop them from creating a Raddle account to view it in the case they care.