Prestidigitation wrote

I’ve been lifting for a while, and I can guarantee you’re safe... based on your description of the events that transpired. Me, being an African American male, I have a target on my back whenever I go into a store... they’re gonna watch me as much as they can, they never succeed lol, I’m a magician in my spare time. But you being “White” (I hate using such generalized terms), your almost Casper going into a store, if you searched for cameras and saw none, I’m willing to bet a customer or dress down LP spotted you... anyways, you made it out and got away... just don’t go back for a while... and if it’s a must that you do, make yourself look slightly different.


Prestidigitation OP wrote

I understand your point completely, but 5 years with over 1,600 lifts I’ve worked out the kinks. This method just depends on how confident and smooth you can be, there’s literally nothing anybody can see. I’ve concealed with employees standing 3-4 feet away from me lol, I’m here to type about it lol.

-But this isn’t sleight of hand at all, it’s actually a pretty bold move using misdirection and mental programming.


Prestidigitation OP wrote

stores this has worked at:

Walmart, Target, Apple, Rite Aid, Walgreens, JC Penny, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Spencer’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Meijers, Aeropostal, American Eagle... I know I’m forgetting quite a few... but you can see the varying difficulty of stores so you’d be safe anywhere you can turn your back to or create a blind spot