PragmaticPaul wrote

Why deny historical facts about anarchism and democracy? Just have a look in Zoe Baker's new book

Pro democracy anarchists have been around since the 1800s.

An honest FAQ would say...

One anarchist camp is anti democracy and their arguments are A, B, C...

Another camp is pro democracy and their arguments are X, Y, Z...

It is wrong and ugly to lie.


PragmaticPaul OP wrote

I think Spanish CNT made a good case

"The CNT’s system of majority voting was explained in more detail within the organization’s constitution, which was printed on the trade union’s membership card. It declared that 'Anarcho-syndicalism and anarchism recognize the validity of majority decisions.

The militant has a right to his own point of view and to defend it, but he is obliged to comply with majority decisions, even when they are against his own feelings.

We recognize the sovereignty of the individual, but we accept and agree to carry out the collective mandate taken by majority decision. Without this there is no organization.'"

From Zoe Baker's book Means and Ends, page 223

A review: