Potkea OP wrote (edited )

(Not mine; found in the comments)

Hark! Listen of this tale,

Of a stoutly man

That lives on the azure plane

And all morn and all dusk

And all he sees is simply azure

Alike to thee, within and without

Lapis, is mine home

With a cerulean window

And a sapphire chariot

And all is azure for thee

And thou and all peasants around

Forsooth he hath none to lend an ear

I'm azure

Da ba dee da ba di...

Mine home built of lapis

With a cerulean window

Cyan be thy colour of all linens worn

Cobalt are thy cobblestones

And thine arbors indeed

I hath a wyf and she is of sapphire

Indigo are thy peasants yonder

That amble away

Sapphire alike to mine chariot, within and without

Bleu are thy words I speak

And what I ponder

Azure are thy melancholies

That take life within me

I'm azure

Da ba dee da ba di

Da ba dee da ba di...

I'm azure

Da ba dee da ba di

Da ba dee da ba di...


Potkea wrote (edited )

tuesday, we haven't interacted much (esp. since I've been off of raddle a lot recently as I've been busy) but judging on your posts and comments you are an excellent individual. probably one of the coolest cats on raddle.

i just want to say that even though we don't talk much and are internet strangers i think you're awesome.


Potkea wrote

No comrade, Manchin is insufficient. He's too conservative for democrats and too liberal for republicans. He wouldn't have any popular appeal.

Only a DeSantis-Harris ticket can save us from Tronald Drumpf's transphobia and fascism.


Potkea wrote

To Styx and Bloodrose (if they're reading this after they've deleted their accts):

If you're reading this, I'll miss you two. You were both kind, intelligent, and excellent individuals who made my (and dozens of other users) times at raddle infinitely better.

Let's hope that we may someday cross paths again, on this site, on any other, or in the real world.