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SORRY but as usual it's a long read.

A lot of shoe stores have gotten hip and are either tagging shoes or even going as far as only having one of the shoes in the box.

I've lifted several nice pairs of different brands successfully at outlet stores.

As far as traditional non-outlet stores, I've done it as shoe carnival, famous footwear and Dicks each a couple times.

My plan of action:

  1. I scoped out what I wanted and made sure they had the exact shoe and size I wanted and they had plenty of stock. Then i snapped a picture of it.

  2. I went to Wally or payless and bought a pair that was very similar (does not have to be exact) for 8-10 bucks.

  3. I wore the cheap shoes into the store. Put them on right before you go inside. They need to appear as pristine and new as possible.

  4. Immediately grab the pair I want and swap them out, putting on the shoes I was lifting. Keep that box of swapped shoes with you.

  5. Then I try on other shoes. Always a drastically different color than the pair I lifted. This will help to throw off anyone watching for you to try to switch-a-roo. Not a ridiculous amount of shoes but enough to make you look like a shopper.

  6. Then right before I'm ready to leave, dump the swapped shoe box back into a pile of shoes and exit promptly.

Side notes: To make it even more believable if confronted:

A. I bring a small amount of mud/dirt with me to put on the sides and bottoms of the shoes.

B. I slipped a pair of those $50 customized Dr. Scholls shoe inserts in the lifted shoes as well. I use double sided out-door tape to hold them inside the lifted shoes. Also, make sure that they don't sell the same inserts at that store. And make sure they had are worn in. Don't use brand new inserts.

I only got "sussed" one time and the salesperson was hard staring at me and the lifted pair but one the saw the shoe insert I think that warded them away.

I know this might seem over the top but it's worked out so far.


An $8 investment to walk out with a $130 pair of shoes is worth it. Just think of it liking getting 96% discount.


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Last 24 hours:

Sandisk extreme portable hard drives 250 and 500GB x2

Cobra Radar Detectors x2

Seagate backup plus portable hard 1TB and 2TB each

How the Grinch (new one) 4K and Blu ray

Samsung wireless charging discsĂ—2

Usb/outlet replacementsĂ—2

Performance workplace bluetooth earbuds

$500 worth of art supplies from JOANNS...again.

Viva la juicy couture perfumes x2

8 T-shirts

Police scanner

OXO stainless steel magnetic measuring cups and spoons

Black Ops 3 Xbox one

Nintendo switch controllers power a brand x4

Nintendo switch controller nintendo brand

Glass screen zagg for phone x4

Go pro clip for backpack


Logitech spotlight presenter X2

I've been busy.


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Sandisk extreme portable hard drive 250GB and 500GB NOT SOURCE TAGGED.

SEAGATE backup plus portable hard drive 1TB and 2TB ARE SOURCE TAGGED. The 2TB was actually double source tagged...fuckers.

Cobra Radar Detectors- ARE SOURCE TAGGED.


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Some were locked up, others were in alpha boxes or spidwrwrap.

The unlocked ones were just like any other conceal and go.

For the locked up ones, I either found a loose locked door or asked the employee to get it out and spidwrwrap it from me.


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KERSHAW KNIVES ARE SOURCE TAGGED! I have lifted a shit ton and never had an alarm go off. Today I was pulling some shit on an asshole LP guy ive had run ins with and opened the packaging in the bathroom (part of another story for another day) and low and behold FUCKING SOURCE TAGS!!