Pop wrote (edited )

I want things and there is no ethical consumption under capitalism

solution: theft


Pop wrote

unicornriot seems to do doxx work that is meaningful, I'd probably start by contacting them with all the information you have


Pop wrote

Personally I feel like in the time it takes a person to register and to vote they could do action instead

Planting a tree seems more useful than voting, having a conversation with your neighbours seems more useful than voting, both could be done instead

Really though organising people to have a critique of elections and voting is the best thing I think a person can do while people are voting
i.e. Instead of getting in the queue yourself, hand out flyers at the queue on how voting is not a source of change and instead how action and organisation is
Getting people to see that it's not enough and that direct action gets the goods is my preference


Pop wrote

I'm not sure we're understanding each other

What you've been doing is crossposting the same things several times all at once

What I asked for is less crossposting, but especially when you are crossposting all at once

because we end up with pages with three for four sets of crossposts and not much else

The alternative would be crossposting things where you break up the time between each, so you post the same article to different forums at a rate of, say, one per day

though I'm not sure how desirable that is. it's up to you :)