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Being maybe a little pedantic though I'd avoid utilitarian approaches/conceptions of the problem

while we're at this we can critique the idea of numbers

It's definitely not just about how many live or die or even how much suffering; I would rather live freely with more pain than caged with less, and so our values around liberation are probably the core consideration

That said, I do actually think civilisation causes much more suffering and death than noncivilisation


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What kind of teas do people like to drink around here

I dunno why but lately I've been into weird artificially flavored teas


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And what would you rather? We go back to having no electricity and kids dying without hospitals

one of the most interesting things for me about pro-civ arguments is that pro-civ people would presumably be disgusted if someone said the exact same thing in justification of colonialism, but they have no problem with it when it's a justification for civilisation, an inherently colonial process


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even if I have to save money and move to another country

sounds like a plan
depending on what country you live in though you might have more luck finding similar people there in a better part of the country

The current people I'm with are more understanding and seem like they wouldnt report me if I was suicidal

That's good
I'm also terrified of being institutionalised, especially when I'm doing bad
Lately things have been ok for me though, so I'll recommend you bide your time, keep your eyes out for opportunities, and make the most of them when they are around
(while alway trying to be as good as you can for others, and never reproduce the toxicity of this world)
a couple solid friends will make all the difference

good luck <3


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I agree that they won't crack down on white supremacists as hard as us

but there's been a clear backlash against white supremacist stuff since christchurch

Isn't there a difference in that many States may in fact support these acts,

Agreed that overall many states will, but states are also not singular entities, they're made up of many people, a lot of whom will have a problem with this stuff and be able to make moves

Most liberal and even many conservative racists aren't down with overt / egregious white supremacy and are willing to make real moves against it within their frameworks at governmental levels

Whereas with anarchist potd there is no sympathy from authoritarians at all?

agreed, but the effect I'm talking about is still there

A white supremacist state isn't going to attack the average racist just because there was a racist terrorist attack, but they will absolutely attack normal activists & anarchists if there is an anarchist terrorist attack.

The average racist is very different to an anarchist or activist in that anarchists and activists are active
but 'active' racists like milo and cantwell etc will and are getting backlash presently for their shit

Australia bans Milo Yiannopoulos after his racist comments over mosque shootings

"Crying Nazi" Christopher Cantwell reportedly banned from Gab after post advocated shooting leftists


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Fash haven't learned from our propaganda of the deed era around how much harder things get for your movements when people do extreme shit

they don't have enough broad support so far as I can tell

so more moderate places will have to crack down on them (like how facebook just banned more white things)

and their individual links to their broader movements will be exposed in ways that hurt them