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It warms my heart that there are likely many people like Will who are taking direct action against the concentration camps, and we just aren't hearing about it

Still I am sad that we lost a kind anarchist


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alternate title that is far too long

Anarchist gets tired of concentration camps and the half-measures taken so far against them, decides to burn it all down with jouissance, knowing that nothing good will come of it, is gunned down


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Don't chimps and baboons have dominance hierarchies?

I dunno, I was asking you!

hierarchy will tend to breed resistance

I think that there is always resistance to hierarchy because hierarchy is dehumanising and people like to be uncompromised beings.

Yes there's a push and pull of forces. But currently we're in a situation where hierarchy will end with catastropic collapse and mass extinction, so there is that potential endgame.


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typical relations of dominance and hierarchy common in primates

Which primates? I know more about the more cooperative ones.

Maybe humanity (or any particular section of humanity) will be flipping between the most prevalent arrangement being hierarchy to being egalitarianism and back every few thousand years or however long, for as long as humans exist

The vast majority of human history we lived in largely acephalous societies with built in mechanisms to prevent hierarchisation, as hunter gatherers, so far as I understand. So it's more like civilisation(s) emerged sometime around the last 10 000 years and has slowly been infecting the planet.


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But the vast majority of human existence was humans living in hunter gatherer societies with built-in defences against the rise of authority and centralisation of power

whereas technology requires intense expertise which always results in a concentration of power in those who are or who control the expertise

also anarcho-primitivism is future-oriented too, it just draws its models from past and present hunter-gatherer societies, since they are anarchic and have lasted long as fuck


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Might be worthwhile to keep in mind that technological cures are very very often cures for things that are only problems because civilisation exists in the first place


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Annoying thing about most superhero series are how they end up getting involved with some 'good cop' in the local department who they share intel with etc