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I'm not the one coming to your space and proposing a bunch of things that show my complete lack of understanding of the people I'm engaging. I know more than enough about marx, stale hegel-derived dialectical materialism, and class-reductionist nonsense to engage you. You on the other hand know jack shit about our politics at all, nevermind its philosophical underpinnings.

Just like liberals tend to have a silly and warped idea of what marxism is about, you tankies have a a silly and warped idea of what anarchism is about, because the leaders whose boots you lick ensured it.


Pop wrote

Yeah unfortunately it seems you haven't understood much of anything I said so I'm not going to say much more, except that if you actually tried you might be able to have a real conversation with us. Read some basic anarchist theory before coming here and looking like a clown to all of us.


Pop wrote (edited )

It's very hard to engage you because you appear at every level to have no idea what you're talking about, out of both what appears to be a misunderstanding of marxism and a misunderstanding of anarchism

we have a tiny wiki about it, btw, w/tankie

For a decent and very generous (to marxists) conversation around (decent) marxism and anarchism I'd suggest you listen to this lucid podcast, linked here, where a marxist interviews an anarchist.

but since I can't bring myself to do real work today, let's have a go:

You seem incredibly hostile towards communism

Most anarchists are anarcho-communist, I'm told. That's hardly hostility, that's affinity. Which points to you having a very narrow idea of what communism is, and also doesn't bode well for your implication that you somehow aren't a tankie

Personally I think anarchists should ditch any sign of redness and that your politics are poison. Marx diagnosed the problem (of capital) quite well after cribbing from Proudhon but his solution and his temperament is of one who likes to cling to power.

die hard aversion to violence

What on earth are you talking about? There's a difference between being against violence and being against authority. Here's your first huge misunderstanding. Most anarchists think that nonviolence protects authority, and is racist, sexist, etc.

So that's clue number 1 that you have no idea what anarchism is.

There was even someone that was telling a newbie not to read Stalin.

Why on earth would an anarchist want to read Stalin? Except maybe to understand why anarchists think Stalin's a fuckshow. Clue number 2.

the repulsive Trotsky-esque manner in which you thoroughly sabotage the revolution

What in goodness name do you mean? Trotskyists can gtfo too.

Anarchists in the most genuine form are not interested in revolution as you use it. revolutions leads to new arrangements. We want permanent insurrection, the constant calculated revolt against all authority, against being arranged.

Comparisonse with Trotskyists is clue number 3. We're stacking up evidence here!

Us communists are never hostile to you people like this, we never spread rumors about our comrades or call you secret reactionaries

This is so false it makes me think you're a parody account. More than anything, this is a clue that you have no idea what your 'communist' friends are doing in relation to anarchists.

Okay, whenever communists discuss anarchism we do point out the idealistic nature of your ideology. ... But I'm completely civil about it and don't attack the human, only expose the flaws of the ideology.

Idealistic? In what sense?

At this stage you've expressed such a clear lack of understanding of what anarchism is, and a lack of care to really take the time to engage us in a genuine way, and are literally parrotting standard thoughtless critique reflective of that, it makes you seem completely insincere. By this stage of the reading I'm more or less convinced you through-and-through have no idea what anarchism is and your polite demeanour is sealion-adjascent.

Is left unity possible?

Have you studied the history of left unity? The best answers to the left unity question can be found in the podcast I linked.
In short, though, most of the left is disgusting to anarchists. I personally think marxism is not even so much as a half measured attempt at revolution, with liberal tendencies in the way that it tries to use the system to unmake the system.
I can work with genuine marxists (of the autonomous kind, usually), on specific projects, same as I do with anybody.

The right is extremely united

Curious about what this sentence means to you.

the sort of infighting you see on the left (of which 99% is coming from anarchists and ultras).

You do realise how this makes you seem like you think everyone who disagrees with you are the ones to be called "infighters", underlying your prejudices and your lack of intention to engage us genuinely.

just don’t see how a revolution can happen if anarchist comrades would be the first ones to tarnish and sabotage the vanguard party’s actions.

Literally the first point of difference in theory between Marxism an anarchism is on vanguards, how they create or maintain self-sustaining hierarchies, are fundamentally paternal, and separate individuals from their own ability to act. How on earth do you expect us to go along with you on this point then?
This is really the nail in the coffin of the idea that you have even a clue what anarchism is. Before you come pretend to educate us in that shitty way that vanguards do, it might help to understand that we consider that fundamentally hostile to our liberation.

I'm not even going to plead with you to strengthen left unity, I simply ask that you take a step back and stop actively opposing our push for revolution. You're only empowering the fascists by opposing communism.

Actually I'm too bored to explain to you what kind of a bad paragraph this is.


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depends on time of day and day of week

you can get a sense of who the regulars are if you look at the friday free talks.

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