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Just gotta find the right therapist, if you're lucky they'll have enough structural analysis for at least the things relevant to your positionality that you can talk with them on the level

which i think is hard to find and one big reason I don't go to therapy


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I like this one the least of them all so far

I think anarcho-communism is half-assed, but putting it in the same sentence with "anarcho-"capitalism just doesn't work for me



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Top 10 anarchist forums:

  1. The anarchist forum Raddle: https://raddle.me/

  2. The anarchist forum raddle.me: https://raddle.me/

  3. The anarchist forum of anarchy, raddle: https://raddle.me/

  4. The anarchic forum of anarchists, raddle

  5. The anarchist forum for anarchists, raddle.me

  6. The forum of anarchism, or the anarchist forum raddle.me

  7. This anarchist forum https://anarchistnews.org/forum

  8. The great anarchist forum, https://raddle.me/f/anarchism

  9. A forum of anarchy, an anarchist forum https://raddle.me/

  10. The archist forum daily aynarchist - what is freedom if I'm not free to exploit people?