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A lot of raddle users are trans, and a quite a few raddle users have figured out that they are trans while being users of this site. Which is pretty cool. This was confirmed casually by another user this week


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Even if the US escalation of conflict with Iran doesn't trigger a ground war, it represents another step towards a US foreign policy that presumes a future of global civil war. We have to show what authoritarians of all stripes stand to gain from this.

First, the US escalation confirms our thesis that Trump encouraging Erdoğan to invade Syria was not a step towards US withdrawal from the region, but a reshuffling of US alliances towards more authoritarian players.

The US is sending thousands more troops to the Mideast now.

Supposed "anti-imperialists" who parroted Trump's lie that he was pulling the US out of "endless wars" naïvely gave cover to his effort to abet Turkish and Russian imperial ambitions while setting the stage for him to escalate conflict with Iran.

But Trump isn't seeking a conventional war with Iran; he wants to throw US military weight around without being drawn into ground operations.

He doesn't care about potential consequences for US civilians that may be targeted by Iranian proxies worldwide—he may even welcome them.

Since 2001, Republicans have have only benefited from policies that have polarized whole populations, resulting in the rise of ISIS, terror attacks, and civilian deaths.

They count on the threat of Islamic fundamentalism to make their own authoritarianism look appealing.

No amount of brute force can hold the neoliberal order together—and Trump is not trying to maintain it. Rather, he aims to ensure that the conflicts that succeed it will play out along ethnic and national lines rather than uniting everyone against the ruling class he represents.

In this context, we have to identify every effort to turn us against each other, building solidarity across national, ethnic, and religious lines while doing everything we can to topple authoritarian governments from DC to Tehran. Against the state & capitalism! #nowarwithIran