Pop wrote

then i should have said "public majority opinion would be a consideration".

thinking about how you affect others has no special relation to democracy, and majority opinion is often trash

If not democracy, what other options do we have for mediating conflict?

maybe have a look around f/accountability and f/decision_making as a starting point


Pop wrote

Find your nearest anarchists (searching online etc), if they're close, then bingo
if they're far, then ask them who they know who is near, then bingo
if there's nothing, do the same thing, except start looking for leftists generally,
then keep an eye out for anarchistic ones, start a reading group, and make some anarchists

Not sure what you mean by "raddle is not a website for social network"


Pop wrote

Depends what other options you have, and how shit they are in reality

Personally I can't take any hierarchical organisation seriously, and although I'm occasionally in their presence I'm usually just waiting for it to pass while looking for people I might have affinity with on the fringes

Would it be possible for you to introduce texts for them to read that challenge their organisational structures?

More detail would be good if you could give it