Pop wrote

There was a certain moment in US where lots of anarchists and people who associated with anarchists were said to be living freely, train hopping, dumpster diving, couch surfing or whatever, instead of stonefaced traditional organising

Those people were called lifestylists by some poopface, inventing a new way to be sectarian and defend anarchist 'orthodoxy'

that label has been applied generally to the post-left, which now is more a critique than an actual position, a critique that any half decent anarchist has taken seriously


Pop wrote

big fucking country, lots going on

substantial political power, lots of neocolonial practices. putting many countries in africa and elsewhere into its debt and then taking huge parts of it as payment

pays weird lip service to a long-lost communism, the 'communist party' is still in charge but has not a shred of communism in it, and actually represses communists

afaik an unparalleled hellscape of real-time facial recognition surveillance tied to a social credit score that is a new kind of terrifying caste system with real implications for what a person can do and access

a rising empire but still not comparable to the US in military capacity by any measure afaik.
Except in that nuclear bombs are an equaliser with the whole mutually-ensured destruction thing. Are they a nuclear power with long-range missles? I'd imagine so.

check out chuang and lausan