Pop wrote (edited )

radicals are simple creatures

If your insult is part and parcel of a political/social/economic structure of oppression built into this world, it is not ok

(like now racial slurs are part of and contribute to the maintenance of the racist structure of our world)

if it isn't, like 'whiny', or 'asshole', then it is ok

separately, it's literally listed in rule 2, and is part of the terms of service, so I don't know why you think it isn't breaking any rules. you come across as insincere when you say things like that


Pop wrote (edited )

Haha, "free speech" is a fascist tool, and you'd know that if you had any idea what it is in practice

we have a wiki w/free_speech

and articles like this, The Liberal Myth of Free Speech

Free speech is a state-endowed 'privilege' that always benefits the current order, is overwhelmingly employed to protect those in power, and is always a distant dream for people a the bottom of political hierarchies

lol you know jack shit about our principles, just search 'free speech' in the search bar and you'll get a sense

and no specific forum/site owes you 'free speech', each can set their own terms of engagement
in your case 'free speech' just means freedom to be an asshole with no consideration for the ways that language maintains structural power imbalances that harm whole groups of people

if you want to see what 'free speech' gets you, check out shitholes like 4chan, where internet anonymity and free speech combine to create one of the most toxic spaces in the world

I haven't even gotten to why your shitty analysis on ableism is crap but now I'm bored