Pop wrote

I read your comment and the article you linked to and it has changed nothing for me

there are also vastly more languages out there that are not considered in that article
making the vague gesture of 'the east', amounting largely to a couple of semetic languages, japanese, but mostly chinese is on its own a reflections of languages beyond europe that europe finds valuable

I would rather cut out my tongue than ask people living in a postcolony to adopt a language that privileges coloniser language speakers as an 'alternative' to some other shit option

real alternatives plz


Pop wrote

I don't know much about the abrahamic god's genealogy

I like to think beyond that god though, I've already written it off

but I'm a bit interested in learning about how to emphasise anarchist-friendly elements of gods / religions including the abrahamic ones since it seems like they'll be around for a while


Pop wrote

Well there are other ways to think of gods than superior beings that decide our fate

and I'd guess that people came up with the idea of gods long before we had states or rulers

if we think of gods just in terms of the divine and as something on the same level as us that we are part of and participate in, it could be ok

I don't believe in gods but I think that anarchist conceptions of the divine could exist


Pop wrote

so radicals I know would hold the position that until the land is returned and various reparations are made, whoever is occupying stolen indigenous lands is a coloniser

I'm not sure why this is troublesome for you either

coloniser is not an identity you choose, it's a relation to a space there's no escaping the position in the same way that there's no escaping inhabiting whiteness until the whole structure of white supremacy is destroyed and amends have been made

accepting that as true rather than resisting being called something uncomfortable that you straightforwardly are, and then working to destroy colonial structures and ideas from your position, is the best option all colonisers have