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Do your research on every society on Earth, from the most primitive to the most advanced, and you'll discover that pedophilia and Ephibophilia (adult sexual attraction to individuals between the ages of 12-19) is universally despised and hated, especially by parents. These are perversions, degenerations and are symptomatic of very deeply seated and powerful mental illnesses and are not, in any way, normal 'sexual attractions or preferences'. This is why they are universally despised.


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Wow! You all actually spend time thinking about shit like this instead of doing important things? No wonder your mothers want to kick your fat incel asses out of her basement!


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Who, in their right mind, with even a lick of sense, even listens to Communist Puke Radio? I mean, come on! We all know they're nothing but leftist shills pushing The Agenda.

Also, for all you folks in the East, it's physically impossible for you to be "breathing in California wild fire smoke" because smoke doesn't work that way. Look up "atmospheric particulate dissipation" and learn the physics of how smoke works and you'll see for yourself why all of this "we're breathing in California's smoke" is total and complete bullshit!