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How experienced of a lifter are you?

Khols is heavily monitored and usually have plain clothes detectives. I would go to an outlet mall before I hit Khols.


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Lets think this through.

You order a $1,500 - $3,000 piece of machinery. Who you order it from will not matter that much. Do you think the vendor is going to let you have this expensive piece of merchandise without signing for it? Have you ordered anything over a $1,000 and did not have to sign for it?

Lets just assume you are super lucky and they leave the merchandise at the door or on your porch. If you say the box was empty do you think the shipper will go back to the parcel company and demand information about the weight of a package?

Have you pulled a return scam before? If not, most anything over $500 will require a police report. Do you really want to try your luck with mail fraud and maybe also filing a false police report?

Why don't you lift, sell stuff, and buy a Macbook that you can also warranty. Or, maybe buy a used or refurb unit and put it under Apple Care. If you need this for medical school you will need to depend on this machine for several years.

Do you want to test committing a felony level crime of moral turpitude knowing you need a background check to work in the medical field?


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I am sure you already know the answer to this question.

Think about what you are asking:

  1. You are going to use an account, lets just call it X, to scam with.
  2. You have a second account called Y.
  3. X pulls off the scam and within a fairly short period of time it then sends all of the funds to Y.
  4. If you are investigating this do you think an operation as large as Paypal is not going to look into account Y?
  5. X becomes connected to Y because illegally gained funds was transferred to Y. Do you not think this may also be turned over to the local police or postal inspector?
  6. Think really hard about this. The only possible connection to this crime is account Y that for some unknown reason X transferred money to.

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I would think 'zoos' are ok when they are setup as a preserve or a sanctuary. They have the ability to room whenever and wherever they want. They are not restricted by any kind of enclosure.


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Not sure where it was posted.. someone said why is Alabama giving life advice about a six week old when they used to kill hundreds of minorities a few decades ago. I am not doing the quote justice. It was much more eloquent than my rephrase.