PinkPorcelain wrote (edited )

That is why I will not risk it at least until my “probation” or whatever it’s called is up.

Maybe never tho as I wanna be a lawyer.

Then I can defend y’all lol!

I mean it was exciting to see but then it was sad as it was probably stuff they needed, or needed to sell.

Or fuck even if they wanted it I don’t judge.

However there were kids there too with the Mom, and I know from personal experience seeing your parents get arrested is traumatizing (even if they weren’t taken to jail they were stopped and that will stay with the kids trust me).

That broke my heart.

At the risk of moralizing I am gonna say if you’re gonna lift at least try not to bring your kids with you.

Not because of of the lifter, because of LP.

Anyways, didn’t you used to work as AP for Walmart?

Did they used to be Hands On?