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I know I said that I wasn't going to pay attention to any comments or respond back to them but I felt the need to log on just to say this one thing:

You're probably the stupidest person on this entire forum and I've loathed watching you give your shit advice and tactics to others who also have no idea what they're doing.

Your comments are normally worthless and make little to no sense.

Being against scamming Amazon because..........there's nothing on Amazon "you'd want to buy"? What?

Are you or are you not a thief? Do you or do you not sell things for profit that you don't want to keep yourself?

Do you not realize that you can generate an income and then use that income to pay off utility and internet services?

What an absolute vapid statement to make. Please avoid wasting my time and the time of others by interjecting yourself where you are clearly not informing or helping in the slightest.

Your lifting advice: sucks.

Your theft advice: sucks.

Your OPSEC advice: sucks.

I've watched you post to this forum so many times only to silently disagree with you because I either know from experience or from fact that whatever noise you're spewing is wrong.

I've watched you make comments about how "carding is fake lol cause if someone had the card details theyd just do it themselves instead of selling it" not understanding how 95% of the underworld services that exist get in so much data that they can't possibly spend it all themselves and most don't even want to. It's far more profitable and sustainable to become a vendor for a product than a user.

I've even watched you tell someone that they'd be fine using the barcode scam against fucking TARGET of all places. Even when someone in the comment of that thread ( told you that it was clearly not a wise idea because duh why would it be.

You're free to reply to this with whatever you want but I only came back to make this one statement.

If you are reading this post and browsing this forum, take anything and everything this old canadian guy says with a grain of salt. Most of the things he's saying don't align with reality and he's clearly not doing things on a very deep and organized level enough to give a worthwhile opinion on much.


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It is.

Crawling with scammers, I mean.

But that's only on the surface level of third party markets. Current top markets in place such as Whitehouse market and others ask for a fee of roughly 5k to sellers who wish to list products specifically for the purpose of not allowing them to scam others.

If you've ever seen a "hitman" website or any "gun selling" marketplaces those are all run by feds and/or scammers.

It's actually easier than ever to find good vendors these days, with most of every good market being listed on and other websites similar to it.


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Unsure where you've been buying fullz or cc's from. I can guarantee you that real vendors for that exist, and that the product is even quality enough to do things with.

I've been existing around dark web stuff for a few years now and a lot of it is just networking on the low and getting contacts. Clearnet markets are scams or full of skids and are to be avoided though.

Used a valid fake ID even recently to create an eBay tied to a bank account not in my name. Been using it to sell off the loot I've been earning thanks to this new practice, cashing out the money into Bitcoin (using the fullz information) and then converting it into Monero.

Stuff is definitely real, and while I can't say much for counterfeits because I'm not about those but I do remember a few years ago on a small dark web forum for these things that someone was using "superbills" which is what they called bills that were fooling self service machines at the time.


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I'm sure this is dependent on the store.

I've scouted around some apple stores in my area and the boxes are definitely weighted.

Were you able to sell them locally with no problem? Does Apple have a no touch policy?


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According to the retail theft master list it's do-able.

I've always wondered if they're able to blacklist the serial # however because whenever I sell apple products locally they usually end up asking for said serial # (to check apple care eligibility).

Unsure if this extends to AirPods / AirPod Max.


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I've done a lot of research on this.

There was a woman who apparently did retail theft for 19 years selling primarily on ebay under four accounts and only got caught because she made approximately 4 million.

I don't think the feds have as much control over the system as they'd like us to believe....yet.

That said, this can easily be bypassed by resources bought off the darknet to create an Ebay account not even in your name but then withdraw profits from an ATM.

Ditching the account after maybe a few months for ultra paranoia.

Then rinse and repeat.

If anyone is interested in this my DMs are open for help.


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I can do it anonymously on both our end with detailed instructions on how. It's actually fairly simple.

DM me and we can work.


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I was asking more about selling them online or at pawn shops but from how it seems there are corporations that hold databases for serial #'s on goods like tablets or otherwise.


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Look into refunding.

Basic idea is that you take 1k, purchase a high end electronic from best buy online or similar stores then claim you didn't get any items in the box earning the cash back in about a weeks time while flipping the electronics locally.

If you have 30k it would be easy enough to set up an Airbnb account using a fullz for about a month then pay off a place for a month and use the address to become a refund hotspot.

Once all the moving parts are going you could easily make 10-15k in a month hitting multiple stores and burning the address in the process.

If you need help or more info feel free to PM.


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Like a basic tablet with no cellular or IMEI.

Also bigger chains like best buy.

Edit: Should also mention, not the display devices. I know those are rigged with software.


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How much money do you have to work with (be vague idc about numbers)


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With respect, OP.

What you're referring to is just identity theft / darknet stuff in general. A lot of the people there dabble with using stuff like PayPal or even burner apple phones with someone fullz (their full identity - SSN - DOB - ETC) to use apps like apple pay.

Making use of faraday cage bags for phones while they're at your place then taking them out after you've driven a while away from your house.

Stuff like that. If you need resources I can link you a few in PM.


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Assuming I hide my face well enough, change my clothes and not carry my personal phone around while targeting stores with a no touch policy I feel like it doesn't matter too much if they can see me if I just leave and know that the cameras will be hot on my ass?

Or am I not getting that right.

I don't want to boost stuff for personal use, I want to reflip things for cash.