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Oh please. It's no different. Like when you said Chomsky is a liberal since he believes in justified hierarchy. That's a smear, badjacketing him as liberal and when you said I'm a fascist for supporting Marine Le Pen also. You backjacket everyone you don't agree with.


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If you don't ask for rights how do you expect to acquire them? Shooting people doesn't give you rights, it takes their rights away.


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This myth of the Protestant work ethic is part of magical thinking; the well-spun yarn of “if you work hard enough, you will succeed!” Actually, most people end up in the poor house with broken backs! All the prisoners on chain gangs worked hard as punishment for their crimes. The Nazis posted a slogan at the entrance gate to Auschwitz, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which translates to “Work sets you free.”

This is a false equivalency. Hard work doesn't have to be chain gangs or back breaking. A lot of us work hard because we want to create a nice life for ourselves without leeching off of others.

I come from minority of Boomers that were Yippies, SDS, White and Black Panthers

What are white panthers?


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I'm simply saying her agenda would have benefited workers / the left far more than Macron's. Look, just read her actual policies, not the media slander that tries to convince us she is evil because she opposes the EU.

She wouldn't have been as good as Mélenchon of course, but still miles better than Macron and she would have paved the way for the left - a France divorced from the EU and its neoliberal law is the only way for the left to survive.