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What if an individual has a radical idea and wants to put it to action, but collectivized society disapproves?

In an anarchic social context, there would be no situation in which an idea is not supported with resources that otherwise would be under a market system.

One great thing IMO about markets, especially anarchist/socialist markets, is that people can tinker with crazy ideas without fear of getting shut down by a committee of some kind.

A committee? We're talking about anarchy, not a social context with authority like that which you are fearful of.


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I passed my pediatric advanced life support training with flying colors, and managed all the codes quite efficiently and effectively. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my colleagues and seniors were pretty impressed. It actually made me ponder a career in Pediatric Emergency Medicine lol. (Thus far I've been set on Pediatric Critical Care or Neonatal Intensive Care.) I start seeing patients on Monday as a brand new resident in pediatrics. Had my final day of orientation today. My girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow and I'll get to spend a lot of time with her over the weekend. Overall, it's been a good week and I can't wait to start doing the work I love in medicine and obviously I can't wait to spend time with my girlfriend either this weekend :)


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This really highlights the need to seize the means of production. There are various alternatives to plastic that are biodegradable and would be far better for the environment. Capitalist producers are choosing plastic for reasons related to profit. No matter how much we recycle or reduce or reuse in our personal lives, it's all pointless if we don't seize production and shift it towards environmentally sustainable alternatives.


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I personally am not in favor of removing things written by an author just because the author is a piece of garbage, unless said written articles/books themselves specifically endorsed behaviors or ideas that we are against. But if others disagree, feel free to pitch in.


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My girlfriend's taking her final exams these next two weeks, so we're trying to keep texting at a minimum until her finals are over. It's definitely not easy, but we're sticking to the plan so that she aces those tests.