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This is just chapter seven unless I am missing something

google the title + pdf

I may be getting the same issue

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In this light, it is tempting to think that international law as an objective set of rules is external to a political struggle entirely, a factor that can enable it to resolve the labour/capital contestation. Tzouvala shows that this temptation cannot be further from the truth through the methodology of symptomatic reading and the Marxist theoretical framework. Tzouvala observes that the civilizational argument has been somewhat inescapable as international lawyers “choose” or “are forced to articulate their arguments by reference to civilization” (p.40).


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Makes some intuitive sense to me - I've heard versions of this before.

What I would be interested to hear is underlying beliefs differentiating them from Marxists and them from anarchists. But maybe it's more about underlying fears?

Conservatives seem afraid that the people below them on the hierarchy are conniving to replace them.

Liberals seem afraid of a world where a just order is not imposed.

Marxists seem afraid of a world that cannot be changed at grand scales.

I'd hazard to say that anarchism is fearless, but I see it veering into a circlejerk.


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There is probably big risk in them arming themselves, because it will give the state 'legitimate' an excuse to kill and imprison, but that would be the only way I can think of to be preventative about being murdered. Assassins would think twice before invading the occupation if people know that the occupiers have been training with weapons.